Meet Blindfold Crossword

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If you enjoy working with crossword puzzles then here is yet another way for
you to enjoy!
Please read on.

Meet Blindfold Crossword
(iOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Blindfold Crossword is a fully accessible crossword game, for both sighted
and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play. It is based on
the standard crossword puzzle that is a
grid 15 rows by 15 columns.
In Blindfold Crossword, you are given a set of hints and its location in the
grid, and you have to come up with the answer – a word or words – that fits
into the gird, either horizontally or vertically.
When entering a word, it might share letters with other words, so you must
pick answer carefully.
To make the puzzles easier, you can set the difficulty level of the puzzles,
and ask for hints. You can also have the puzzle partially completed, which
helps you learn how to solve a crossword
Blindfold Crossword Puzzle comes with a practice puzzle, and there are
upgrade packs of 100 puzzles each.

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Visit Blindfold Crossword’s App Store page

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