How to make game boards more accessible – don’t miss out on a great opportunity

Hello everyone:
Each month I will be responding to a question; chosen from a pool of some of
the most commonly asked ones that I have been asked over the years and
continue to be asked.
This month, I’d like to answer the following question:
How to make game boards more accessible

The trick here is to ensure that for someone who is vision impaired, they
have a way to be able to navigate the game board independently and easily.
For the purpose of this article, we’ll deal with non computerized game

1. Make sure that there are tactile symbols on the game board to represent
the visual version.

2. These tactile symbols could be either in the form of braille, raised
print letters or you could even think of using raised figures that are easy
to touch.

3. These symbols should be easy to find, placed in a logical and orderly
arrangement, and should feel comfortable to the fingertips.

4. An accompanying electronic manual to describe these tactile symbols would
help greatly.

5. Remember to keep the language of your electronic manual simple and write
it in easy to understand language.

6. Make sure that each section of your electronic manual is not too long.

7. Remember that when you create this manual, you can definitely use it to
reach not just persons who are vision impaired, but others whose first
language is not English and those who are technically shy.

8. It would not hurt to put out your manual in not just English but also in
other languages. This would definitely reach a much larger audience.

I hope that this helps.

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