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Helpful tips for November 2018

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

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General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Here are some important facts to know about your dog:
Most painful spots would be their noses and tails.
If you pull their tails then you can hurt them lots.
If you hit them on the nose, it hurts like hell.

About bears:
They sleep for about 22 hours of the day during the winter.

Some facts about squash:
Some Of The Popular Squash Varieties And What To Do With Them:
This is the most common variety, but there’s also a yellow, cream and
multicolored acorn with green, cream, gold, white and orange flesh. Its skin
is hard and ridged,
making it impossible to peel before cooking, but its sweet, dry flesh makes
it ideal for baking and also great for stuffing.
The skin is thin, making it easy to peel. Especially good cubed and baked,
but its small cavity makes it difficult to stuff. Has a delicious creamy,
satiny texture. Good in
soups and stews.
Its rich orange flesh is fine-textured and has a sweet, nutty flavor.
Prepare like you would an acorn squash. Good for soups, purees and baked
goods, especially cakes.
Try halving it and roasting with a sprinkling of butter, fresh lime juice
and chili powder.
This one’s a big boy, or can be, often weighing up to almost 40 pounds. The
larger, irregular-shaped ones are sold precut, but you can always find a
nicely shaped
smaller one. Comes in a rich orange, dark green or a subtle sage shade. The
flesh has a tendency to be dry, but it’s also quite sweet and flavorful.
Best when it’s
quartered, seasoned and baked covered, then mashed with cream and butter.
For eating, select the pie pumpkin or sugar pumpkin. Great
in pies, breads, soups and as a pasta filling. The miniature
Jack-Be-Littles are perfect for stuffing.
This squash gets its name from its flesh, which once baked is scraped with a
fork to produce spaghettilike strands. Toss with some freshly grated
Parmesan cheese
and butter, or dress with a light tomato sauce.
When you see this squash, you’ll understand its name. Sometimes called
Turk’s Turban, its brightly colored shell makes a spectacular presentation,
especially for
soup made from the rich flesh. Can be used in most recipes that call for
pumpkin or butternut. Also great in baked goods or purees.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Cookware
Cookware . . .
Remove tough-to-clean food and grease from enamel broiling pans by covering
the bottom with a layer of powdered detergent or water softener. Cover with
a wet towel and leave for several hours. This should loosen
baked-on grease enough to wash without effort.
To remove stains on nonstick finishes, mix 2 tablespoons baking powder, 1 /2
cup chlorine bleach and 1 cup of water. Put the mixture in the stained pot
and let it boil for about 10 minutes. Wash with soap and water,
dry, then rub a little vegetable oil on the surface. Don’t allow the mixture
to boil over or it might leave spots on the exterior finish of the pot.
To save scorched pans, remove as much burned food as possible from the pan.
Sprinkle the bottom with baking soda to form a good layer over the burned
area. Add 1 1 /2 cups water and let it stand overnight. Use a
rubber spatula to scrape and lift remains.
To remove burned food from enamel pots, cover the bottom of the pot with
water and add 4 or 5 tablespoons of salt. Let the pot soak overnight and
then bring the mixture to a boil.
Tackling Cast-Iron Cookware . . . Commercial oven cleaners will clean the
OUTSIDE of cast-iron cookware. Use as directed but make sure not to use it
on the inside. Rinse well after cleaning.
To clean the INSIDE of your cast-iron cookware, instead of washing after
each use with soap and water, try shaking salt on the cookware and wiping
clean. Keeps food from sticking when frying and needs only to be
washed every other use. A light coating of cooking oil won’t hurt either.
Prevents rust!
Pancakes won’t stick if you rub your griddle with salt first.
A little salt and vinegar will clean copper bottoms on pots and pans. Just
sprinkle on, rub lightly and wash as usual. Or rub with a lemon dipped in
salt. Wipe off with a wet cloth, dry and apply lemon oil, car or floor
wax. In a pinch, you can sometimes clean copper with ketchup.
Rust can be removed from metal baking dishes by scouring with a raw potato
and your favorite detergent.
For a quick way to clean your stainless-steel teapot, simply pop a
denture-cleaning tablet into the pot and top it up with warm water. Leave
for an hour or two and then give the pot a good rinse.
To make a great scraper that is strong but won’t damage the surface of your
pots and pans, take a wooden spoon and a handsaw. Square off the rounded end
by cutting off half the spoon’s bowl and sand the edge


Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Flatware
Restore the shine to your kitchen cutlery by simply rubbing the item with an
ordinary cork!
Remove egg stains on flatware by rubbing with damp salt.
When washing a lot of cutlery by hand, pop a colander into the soapy water.
As you wash, put the cutlery into the colander. Now you can rinse all the
cutlery at the same time by running the full colander under the
cold water tap.
To quickly clean tarnished silver, run about a quart of hot water into your
kitchen or bathroom sink (cool enough not to burn you). Dissolve 1
tablespoon washing soda * (or laundry water softener) and 1 tablespoon
salt in the water. Place a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of the sink
and place your tarnished silver on the foil. The silver that’s both touching
the foil and covered by the water should become clean within 10
seconds. If badly tarnished, rub silver item with a cloth after removing it
from the water. Works on silver and gold jewelry too. Or the next time you
boil potatoes, cool the leftover potato water and dip your tarnished
silverware into it.


From the pages of Donna’s diary
HOTEL travel tips

I was inspired to write this given that in recent times I seem to be
forgetting something or other each time I check out of my hotel room and I
must say that lady luck has been on my side as for the most part I have been
able to recover my treasured article.

Some months ago it was my beloved jade ring that I forgot on the night table
but thanks to an honest person I was able to get it back. Then when I read
the tips from my dear friend Dan Thompson I decided to take action.

The important thing here is to be able to have any and everything that you
remove from your briefcase or carry on bag all very close at hand and in one
spot and if you remove such things as jewellery then best to put it in a
place that is easy to see and find.

I am now going to add Dan’s suggestions to my diary entry and it is below.
If you’ve ever left something behind in a hotel room, you are
going to love this tip. Make this the first thing you do when you walk in
your room:
Take a hand towel from the bathroom and spread it out on the desk or other
counter top in the room. This becomes the de facto place for all of your
things that you have a
place for at home. Put your room key on the towel, your car keys,
sunglasses, rechargers, wallet—everything. Now every thing is visible in one
spot, rather than scattered
about the room. As you come and go, return these items to their place on the
towel. When you’re ready to check out, no searching, nothing left behind.

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