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Helpful tips for March 2018

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General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
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Okay, some important info to know before you take your next dose of cough
There are some types that cause your blood pressure to be elevated.
Some that are not good for diabetics because of the sugar content.
Some that make you sleep and some that even make you constipated.

Some differences when cooking rice versus pasta:
In the case of rice, it is a good idea to strain it after it has been cooked
so as to get the starch out of it.
In the case of pasta, no!
Because if you do then you will remove the tastiness of it.

About carrots:
This vegetable normally contains a high level of sugar content.
It is probably better to eat them raw.

Cooking with gas versus cooking with electricty:
Gas cooks faster and tastes better.
Electricity takes longer to cool after cooking is finished.

After you open a bottle of wine:
Iff you know that you are not going to finish it off in the near future,
then do this!
Put it in the fridge to lie down so that the wine can keep the cork moist.

How do you know if beer has gone bad on you?
You know this when you notice that its color has gone dark.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Contributed by Dan Thompson
5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Without Killing Them

Recently we had a large coloney of uninvited ants come a calling. We looked
for natural ways of expressing our dislike of them taking up housekeeping in
our home. The natural ways worked for a while but eventually a more
aggressive professional exterminator was called in. I share with you some
nonharmful methods that can be tried and are quite successful for smaller

5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Without Killing Them

antsAnts are critical to the environment in too many ways to count, but they
quickly become pests when they invade your home seeking food, shelter, or
both. Nobody wants an ant invasion, and often times will reach for intense
chemicals to eradicate them as quickly as possible. Pest control is one
aspect of daily living in which people accept some of the scariest chemicals
into their homes, numb to warnings stamped on the packaging-“Don’t inhale!”
“Don’t touch!” “Call poison control if you make any direct contact with
this substance!” “Potentially harmful!” “Actually what we mean is it will
kill you!” Well, you get the point. If something needs detailed instructions
plus a hotline number for 24 hour emergency assistance (human or animal) or
chemical emergency assistance, I don’t want it in my house. What you have
to think is-if this is going to obliterate the pests (in this case, ants)
won’t it be harmful to anyone and everything else? Yes. It will. But what
nature brought forth is can also turn away, so read on about how to get rid
of ants naturally.

1. Bust Out The Vinegar, Baby

Ants communicate with each other using sounds, touch, and-the golden ticket
here-pheromones. The pheromones are chemical signals. Scent trails, in
essence. Ants perceive smells with their antennae, and can determine
direction and intensity of scents. If a forager ant finds food, it marks a
trail leading back to the colony, which the other ants than follow to the
source of the food. Each time the trail is traveled, the smell is
intensified. By using white vinegar by all of their entrances and any paths
that you know of, you are disrupting their scent trails and making it
harder for them to creep back to the food source they’ve been invading.

You will need.

– 1 part white vinegar

– 1 part water

– A clean cloth


Mix together white vinegar and water, and spray/wipe down all of the
entrances you know or suspect they may be getting in by, and spray/wipe
down all counters or surfaces by food sources.

Vinegar Ant Remedy

2. Draw The Line

Have you ever noticed outside in the summer the way ants and sidewalk chalk
just don’t seem to mix? That’s because they don ‘t. Ants that stumble
through chalk get covered in the stuff, while some people suggest minerals
in the chalk (such as talc) actually kill the ants.

You will need.

– A stick of sidewalk chalk


Draw a thick, heavy line around entrances-repeat as needed. This generally
needs to be used in conjunction with another method of elimination.

Ant Chalk

3. The Ant Honey Pot

How to get rid of ants.are you focusing too much on the “get rid of” part?
Have you done everything you can to exterminate the ants, but it’s just not
working? If eliminating them isn’t doing the trick, try diversion. No, you
don’t want to attract the ants to your house, but if a colony has set up
camp, diversion can sometimes be the way to go. Once they’ve decided the
honey pot you lay out is better than that hard to reach food you’ve locked
up, it’s easier to lay something to deter them from coming back in. After
you’ve got their scent trails cleaned up, food sealed tightly, and some
kind of deterrent by the entrances, they aren’t nearly as apt to coming
marching in again. Even if they try, they’re going to find you’ve made it a
lot harder by then!

You will need.

– A small paper bowl

– A few tablespoons of honey OR a 1-1 mixture of sugar and water


Place a little paper bowl with the honey outside, a little ways from your
house but not so far that the ants won’t find it. Once they find the
sweet stuff, they will happily go to that, rather than try to battle their
way into your house. You can also mix some sugar and water and spray it on
the ground if you find the honey ineffective. Once they have discovered the
pot, move it a little bit at a time further and further away from the
house, refilling and refreshing it as needed.

Ant Honey Pot

4. Essential Oil Entrance Blocker

Ants don’t like strong smells. They mess up their scent trails and
communication, not to mention it covers their bodies if they literally have
to crawl right through it-which they do, with this essential oil spray. Now
you can really experiment with different oils, or blends of oils, and see
what works best for you and your ants. For me, peppermint or eucalyptus
usually does the trick. Regardless of what method I am using to get rid of
ants, I always whip up a batch of this spray to further ensure success.

You will need.

– 20 drops of peppermint essential oil

– Fresh water

– A spray bottle


Fill a regular or medium size spray bottle with fresh water and mix in the
peppermint essential oil. Spray liberally around any and all entrances to
the house. Repeat when you deem it necessary (usually when the scent starts
to fade.)

Essential Oil Spray

5. Ant Balls

If you find that spraying a solution of essential oil and water doesn’t
work, it’s time to bust out the ant balls. The cotton balls serve as an
extra barrier to keep the ants out of the home, while the undiluted
essential oil will steer the ants clear at least 90% of the time. Be sure
not to leave these where you think a curious pet or child would find them
an appealing snack. If you don’t have essential oil, you can try using
white vinegar in a pinch.

You will need.

– Cotton balls

– Peppermint essential oil OR undiluted white vinegar


Liberally douse the cotton balls with undiluted peppermint essential oil. I
usually put the oil in a dish first so I don’t accidently drip it all over
my fingers. Alternatively, soak the ball in undiluted white vinegar,
squeezing out just enough excess that it doesn’t leave a puddle where you
place it. Use one of the cotton balls to wipe down the area by the entrance,
and then stuff another into the crack/hole/almost invisible opening that
they are sneaking in through. Refresh as needed.

Peppermint Oil for Ants

Bonus: 6. When Push Comes to Shove

I don’t like to kill anything-I am the person that will rescue an ant if I
see it floundering about in the water-but sometimes, you have no choice.
For example, if you have a nest of fire ants and a baby crawling
around-there was even been an instance where the venomous stings of a fire
ant colony almost killed a 13 year old boy. In this case, the non-toxic way
to eradicate the ants is with soap and boiling water. It’s unfortunate, but
sometimes there are simply other things you need to protect.

You will need.

– A medium pot’s (or bucket’s) worth of boiling water

– 1 cup of liquid dish soap


Fill a medium pot with water, leaving enough room at the top that you can
carry it without it sloshing over the edge. Bring it to a vigorous boil,
and quickly stir in the dish soap (use an environmentally friendly dish
soap that is biodegradable.) Put the lid on the pot to retain heat and
minimize the risk of it spilling, and use hot mitts to carry it out to the
nest. Pour the water into the nest, slowly enough so that it doesn’t
overflow. If you are aware of another entrance, and are worried about the
ants going up into the yard, you can place a barrier over one of the
entrances. Repeat the process as needed if you run out of water (really,
once is usually sufficient.)

Dish Soap to Kill Ants

My ant story.

When I was quite small I had a hospital for bugs, with my most common
patients being ants. I would bring the ant into my house and set it under a
heat lamp on some cushy towels where it proceeded, in all reality, to
probably get fried (I didn’t figure this out until just writing that-my
intentions were good-and I did have some make a full recovery!) Now I am not
suggesting you set up a bug hospital and welcome ants into your home, but
the point is, ants will not seize control of your house just because you
didn’t turn to some lethal pesticide (for my house growing up they probably
spread the word to steer clear lest they get cooked!) There really are worse
things than ants to have in your house-like the toxic products you’re using
to kill them-and it’s well worth a bit of extra effort to get rid of ants

Tips: Ants seek two primary things in your home-food, and shelter. The first
step in dealing with getting rid of ants is to seal up any and all food, and
seal up any and all crevices that you find them making their way in through.
I know-its more work than just spraying some insecticide around-but it’s
worth it.

– Let me re-emphasize the part about sealing up food. Seal up your food!

– You will, in all likelihood, have to experiment with how to get rid of
ants in a number of ways, and try several combinations (e.g. using the chalk
method in combination with the honey pot and essential oil spray.)

Get rid of ants naturally without the use of chemicals. Keep your pets safe
by not using toxic ant killer.

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How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House with Essential Oils

Source: ” 5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Without Killing Them”


5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Without Killing Them


Six TipsHow to Get Rid of Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes, are nasty creatures. They bite,
they’re capable of transmitting terrible
diseases to people and pets and from what I
read, have no redeeming value in the
ecosystem. And if that’s not reason enough
to hate them, they can turn a beautiful
backyard, deck or patio into a nightmare
area not fit for humans during mosquito
season. But it doesn’t have to be that way
provided you are diligent to take control
of your home and property.
1. MOSQUITO TRAP. It’s been more than a
year since our big move and discovering we
would be having a mosquito problem here in
northern Colorado. My research knew no
bounds. Given the size of our property, I
purchased a Dynatrap, about
$130. The trap emits harmless CO2, which
mosquitoes find irresistible (no wonder
they love you so much—you emit CO2, too).
Powered by electricity, a Dynatrap has a
water tray to attract mosquitoes and a fan
that sucks the unsuspecting critters into
the trap. Every few weeks I empty my
mosquito morgue I mean trap. A
full trap is proof positive that this thing
is very effective. Dynatrap is whisper
and definitely not a bug zapper. No
sizzling noises, odors or other annoyances.
I give Dynatrap two thumbs up and five
stars, too.
2. REPELLANT. It is important to make sure
mosquito repellent is applied to any
exposed skin during mosquito season.
Repellents that contains Deet, picaridin,
oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535 are the
most effective at warding off mosquitoes.
Pregnant women especially should choose a
repellent with Deet. Consumer Reports
recommends Sawyer Picaridin, Natrapel 8
Hour and Off! Deep
Woods VIII as being the best at keeping the
bugs at bay.
Mix 1 part lemon eucalyptus oil for every
10 parts witch hazel. Rub or spray on skin.
4. NIGHT PROTECTION. If you are going to
be spending an evening outdoors, make sure
to have adequate mosquito-repellent candles
and torches (don’t forget fuel). PLANT
LAVENDER. Plant lavender with abandon. It’s
easy to grow, produces a beautiful flower
and smells fantastic! Even better:
mosquitoes hate it and will stay away from
5. STANDING WATER. This is where mosquitoes
breed in the thousands. Bird baths, fish
ponds, puddles, even flower-pot drip trays
and dog dishes are prime breeding grounds.
Empty or drain as much water as possible.
If you can’t drain a water source, try
pouring a couple of tablespoons of
vegetable oil on top to deny access to
mosquitoes and larvae. Note: Do not pour
vegetable oil into fish ponds; it inhibits
oxygen flow and can kill the fish.
6. CLEAN YARD. Keep your yard clean and
your vegetation under control.
Mosquitoes prefer densely vegetated areas
where they are protected from sun, wind,
and rain. Keep your lawn well-trimmed and
clear out piles of brush where moisture can
accumulate. Rake up leaves and dispose of
them when they start accumulating.
Author: Mary Hunt’s Everyday
Cheapskate blog


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
All about Trudeau Airport

There are airports and then there are airports. When it comes to
understanding the true meaning of enabling passengers with special needs to
have equal access to their airport facilities, there are airports that know
how to do it just right and then there are airports that simply miss the
entire meaning.

The Pierre Eliott Trudeau Airport, located in Montreal Canada, is one of
those airports that simply knows how to do it just right. In early February
2016 I had the pleasure of spending some time at this marvelous airport; the
last time that I had passed through Trudeau Airport was back in 2013 and my
how they have changed.

This is a truly bilingual airport operating equally in English and French.
The first indication that you are going to receive excellent treatment comes
as soon as the cab driver brings you to the doors of the airport. They help
to find you an airline agent and then from there the agents take over.

They are well trained as to how to provide assistance to a blind person.
Their guiding techniques are above first class. Their communication skills
are second to none and then when you get to security the excellent service

At security, they ask you whether you speak French or English and your
response determines which language you are going to be communicated in for
the rest of your time at security. Next the security agents escort you
through the area and if your bag needs to be checked by them they tell you
exactly what they are doing. I find this to be very crucial especially so
for someone who is unable to see what is going on.

Then it is off to the gate to await your flight and the agents again escort
you to the doors of the aircraft when it is time for you to board.

I will hasten to add here that the agents in question who escorted me
through Trudeau Airport were Air Canada agents so I am not really sure what
type of services are provided by other agents. Hopefully you’ll have time
to check this out some time soon.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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