17 surprising things you didn’t know you could do with Google

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Contributed by Dan Thompson
17 surprising things you didn’t know you could do with Google


You probably spend a considerable chunk of your day typing things into
Google’s search bar. The world’s
leading search engine is pretty efficient at answering the billions of
queries-from basic to complex to completely inane
receives every day. Google’s search function has evolved in recent years to
make more advanced and customized types of information available at your

Here are just some of the things that you probably didn’t know you could
Google .

1) The cheapest airfare from all the major travel booking websites at once.

Google Flights, the search engine’s built-in flight tracking application,
gives the major travel websites like Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak a run for
their money. Simply type in “Flights from x to y”, and you’ll be on your

Google Flights will show you the cheapest fares from all the major flight
booking engines, browse current prices by months, and show you the cheapest
times and places to fly based on your destination.

If you have your heart set on a certain destination, Google Flights will
track fares for you. You can sign-up to get alerts for when prices to your
selected routes fall.

2) The current Olympics medal tally by country

custom page for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

has a wealth of information. You can keep track of how many medals each
nation is winning, get an overview of each sport, an exhaustive schedule of
events (both televised and non-), as well as an overview of athletes by
sport and country.

3) The scores and schedules of any professional sport

Just Google “baseball,”
“football,” or even “cricket,” and you’ll get the latest scores and schedule
for any major sport .

4) The exact time anywhere in the world

What time is it in Zurich
? Is it OK to ring up your buddy in
? Or your uncle in New Delhi
? Google
makes it easy to find out the time
anywhere in the world.

5) The location of your nearest Starbucks, mall, movie theater, and more

Need a caffeine fix or low on gas? You can easily find the nearest Starbucks
, gas station, grocery store,
Walmart, florist, bookstore, etc., by simply Googling “nearest” followed by
the thing you need.

6) Your public IP address

Need to know your public IP address
? Simply Google

7) How to register to vote in your state

States have different deadlines, requirements for ID, and rules for online,
mail-in, and in-person voter registration. Google “register to vote
” and you’ll find a state-by-state voter registration guide-just in time
for the 2016 Presidental election.

8) Calorie counts for virtually any food

If you’re watching your weight, counting calories can easily amount to a
chore. While packaged foods have easy to find nutrition labels, it can be
trickier to estimate calories in restaurant foods or even homemade foods.

Google can give you calorie and nutritional estimates for virtually any
food. Find out how many grams of protein, sugar, and fats you can expect in
your next meal.

9) Exchange rates for any currency

This trick is especially helpful when you’re traveling
. Google “how many dollars is”
followed by the amount in the currency you wish to convert. You can also see
a graph of trends in exchange rates. This method works for other currencies
as well by replacing the term “dollar.”

10) Cooking measurements conversions

Are you scaling up your mother’s famous recipe for chocolate chip cookies?
Have you drawn a blank at how many cups are in a pint? (It’s two.) Simply
type out the measurements you want to convert, and Google does the rest.

11) Math

Left your TI-85 at home and still have to do your trigonometry homework?
Yes, your Google search bar can perform basic and advanced mathematical
functions. This includes trigonometric functions, logarithms, exponential
functions, and combinations.

12) Convert length, mass, volume, area, mass, time, electricity, energy, and

You can perform some funky conversions with Google. Need to find out how
many kilojoules are in one British thermal unit? Google has you covered.

13) The translation of any phrase in another language

You can access Google Translate
directly through the
search bar.

14) Set a timer

Whether you need a stopwatch for your workouts or a timer for baking, Google
has a built-in timer.

15) Split a bill and calculate tip

You know the drill. You have Friday night dinner plans with two other
friends. Then Andrea brings her boyfriend, Steve, who also brings his buddy
Nick and his roommate whose name you don’t remember, and before you know it,
you’re dining with 19 other people, all of whom stare blankly at the
exorbitant bill at the end of the night. For times like this, Google’s tip
calculator comes in handy. Just Google “tip calculator” and type in the
dollar amount of your bill, the percent you wish to tip (it’s usually 18
percent for large groups), and the number of people you’re dining with.
Crisis averted.

16) Is Trump or Clinton winning?

Is Donald Trump or Hillary
Clinton ahead in the
polls? Google parses out the most recent Election 2016

17) Identify random plants, trees, paintings

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