A Good Hot Cup of Coffee

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A Dan Thompson contribution
A Good Hot Cup of Coffee

So you like coffee. A lot. Me too. I like it so much I’m a home roaster. And
an importer. That’s right. I import green coffee beans direct from the La
Minita plantation in the
Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Why? Well, because (get ready) it’s the best
inexpensive way to enjoy the best organic, free-trade, gourmet coffee on
Apparently, I am not the only coffee lover in our EC family. You send me
lots of questions and comments on the subject. Here one:
Which coffeemaker makes coffee the hottest and then keeps it hot without
“Hot” is a nebulous term when it comes to coffee. For McDonalds, hot meant a
big lawsuit when its hot coffee burned a customer who spilled it in her lap.
For my grandson Eli,
hot means anything even slightly warmer than tepid.Coffee aficionados insist
that the water temperature for a drip coffee brewer needs to be hot at
exactly 179 F. the moment
it hits the coffee grounds. Personally, I find
that to be on the cool side, which confirms “hot” is a matter of personal
Automatic drip coffee makers have an internal thermostat to control the
water temperature and they range from 155 F. to 205 F. depending on the make
and model. Most machines
will not allow the customer to change this setting-a feature most of us don’t
think about when selecting a coffeemaker.
Manual coffee makers like Chemex (8-cup about $36) and Aeropress (about $30)
leave this matter up to the brewer. When I use my Aeropress, I heat the
water to
boiling, then allow it to cool for just a few minutes until my instant read
thermometer hits 190 F. Using this method I make only the amount we will
consume immediately.
Keeping it hot is not an issue.
OXO 9-CUP COFFEEMAKER. This beautiful machine dispenses coffee into a
thermo carafe, which keeps the coffee hot for Water is heated and held
throughout the brew cycle at 197.6 to 204.8 F. The carafe will keep coffee
for an hour or two (not
hot, as I define the word). This machine does make an excellent cup of hot
coffee and gets very high marks with hundreds of reviewers. About $200.
BUNN 13000 12-CUP. This is the coffeemaker I own and use almost
Bunn keeps water heated to 191 F. and ready to go at all times. That means
when I pour the fresh pot of water into the machine to brew a pot of coffee,
I’d better have the
coffee grounds in the basket and ready to go because hot coffee begins
pouring into the pot instantaneously. This machine makes up to 12 cups of
into a glass carafe and the warmer keeps it hot. We live at a semi-high
elevation of 5,280 ft., and this machine works flawlessly. I have owned so
many coffeemakers in my
life-loved some, hated others-all of which finally failed. I do not plan on
replacing this beautiful Bunn machine in the foreseeable future. It is
trouble free,
highly dependable and makes fabulous coffee. It cannot be beat. And it looks
cool, too. About $260.
Neither of these two automatic coffeemakers that brew hot coffee are cheap.
However, both are inexpensive when you consider you will not be replacing
either one, for a very long time, if ever.
For a true coffee lover, a coffeemaker is an investment in one of life’s
The joys of a good cup of coffee cannot be overstated.
Mary Hunt’s Everyday
Cheapskate blog,

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