Marshalling the memories

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The business desk team

June 2015
Marshalling the memories

Whenever I am a bit stymied for material to write about, one of the first
things that I do is to try and marshal my memories. More often than not, it
is not that easy to marshal them in some semblance of order but there is a
technique to this and here are my suggestions.

First, I try to find some quiet time and a quiet place to do it. It need
not be a huge effort; just a corner or tiny place tucked away from noise and
distractions. Then I start to concentrate and focus my attention on one
single topic or subject. The trick of the trade is to be able to have
memories that relate to each other; not those that are scattered all over
the board.

It needs to be kept in mind that scattered memories often distract you from
concentrating. It is always better to have memories come into your mind in
some semblance of order. Not easy but it can come with practice. Give it a
try and you’ll see what a difference it will make when you sit down to
gather materials for your next writing project. Materials are more often
than not created through memories.

So just go out there and practice marshalling your memories.

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