O Canada! No longer innocent!

O Canada! No longer innocent!
By Donna J. Jodhan

For the most part my homeland of Canada has been generally noted as a peace
loving country. In general its people are polite, laid back, courteous,
caring, and they go about their business in a very fine and professional
manner. Maybe I am naturally biased but I make no apologies for this.

Canadians are well liked on the whole and have never really had to deal with
any sort of serious adversity both at home and abroad. However as they say;
nothing lasts forever and on October 22 2014 this all changed in a manner of
moments when someone decided to take matters into his hands by first killing
an innocent young soldier who was on guard at the war memorial and then
daring to enter the Parliament building where it is for sure that he
intended much more and devastating harm.

There are two sides of me with regard to this sad and tragic situation. The
one that says that this gunman deserved his final fate; this being that he
was himself killed by the Sergeant at Arms at the Parliament Building and
the other that asks the question why? Why did he really do it? What made
him do it?

In the aftermath of this tragedy we are left with a five year old little boy
who has lost his dad; a single father whose life was unnecessarily snuffed
out in the prime of his youth. Just a boy himself at age 24 but a man for
having dared to serve his country! And, we are also left with parents who
are now shaking their heads as to why their 32 year old son did what he did!
A disgrace to them, and one of the saddest days for his family!

This whole unfortunate situation could have been much worse if our brave
Sergeant at Arms had not killed the gunman. For this was the day each week
that all Federal Parties would usually meet in their respective caucus rooms
and just think what could have happened if the gunman had managed to catch
the MPs as they came out of their meetings? 308 perspective human targets
for him to choose from; but thank God it did not end in this way!

Canada will never be the same after October 22 2014. No longer innocent and
now joining the long list of countries that need to be more watchful against
terror attacks. In a flash or in the blink of an eye; Canada has now found
itself in change mode. All grown up now and ready to face the world of
terrorism. No longer the nice smiling country with an impish grin on its
face. Now all grown up into a country with a more mature and serious
countenance and an attitude that it can happen again at any time.

Canada has lost a brave young soldier; an innocent soldier who was killed as
he stood unarmed guarding our War Memorial! A five year old boy has lost
his dad and will now grow up never knowing him! A mom and dad have lost a
precious son and family and friends have lost someone very special! This
young soldier gave his life for his country and now we must stand and grieve

I don’t think that any Canadian or any other person outside of Canada who
saw those chilling videos on October 22 2014 would ever forget both the
audio and visual footage. The sound of numerous gunshots ringing through
the halls of the Canadian Parliament building and the gunman running and
others chasing. O Canada! No longer innocent!
No matter what I still live in the best country in the World and we as a
nation will never be intimidated nor will we ever surrender to such types of

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