Configuring Windows Vista or, seven or 8 to allow Soundforge to record streaming audio

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Configuring Windows Vista or, seven or 8 to allow Soundforge to record
streaming audio

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A Dan Thompson contribution

Configuring Windows Vista or, seven or 8 to allow Soundforge to record
streaming audio

In this tip, I am using Sound Forge 11 pro, Windows Seven and tried out four
different screenreading software programs (JAWS, Window-eyes, NVDA and
System Access.)

For those not sure about streaming audio, this involves recording an audio
file that is currently playing from the internet. I find this useful for
recording online lectures or other instructional materials that may not
have a ddownload option. It is very useful for recording online
conferences. I do know of the program “web conferenceing” that is used for
recording online conferences.

However, I am providing this tip because I use soundforge to record such
files accasionally. I am not by no means incouraging illegal activity. If
the file is not to be obtained without buying it than that is what I would

Anyway, on with the tips.

Fir there is a tip on how to configure Windows to allow Soundforge to record
streaming audio.

Secondly, When I am editing aan audio file in Soundforge, hearing what is
being selected is very handy. I accidently shut that functionoff once and
could not find how to get that feature running agin. However, a kind
Soundforge wizard provided me with the solution and that is what the second
tip is about.

it bbeingSoundforge to allow for

*I. Configuring Windows vista, seven or eight to allow soundforge to record
streaming audio:

For Windows Vista / Windows 7

(Screenreading software u sers will need visuall assistance.)
1. First, go to Start > Control Panel and select the choice that says
Hardware and Sound
2. In the next window, under Sound select Manage Audio Devices
3. Click on the Recording tab
4. Right click on the background of the tab and select ‘Show Disabled
Devicess. This is a picture which will not be read or accessed with the
screenreading software available to me. a

5. Find the Stereo mix item and right click on it and select Enable
6. If you always want to use this selection as your primary recording
device, right click on the input that you wish to use as your primary device
and choose ‘Set as default’.

* playing back selected data in Soundforge:

There is an option called Seek cursor on playback which is toggled on and
off with the letter f.

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