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November 2014
Finding a theme
By donna J. Jodhan

One should never be afraid of the writer’s block; it happens when you least
expect it but I have found that one of the quickest and easiest ways to get
out of this is for you to try and find a theme that you can concentrate on
and then focus all of your attention on it.

Finding a theme may not be as difficult as you may think. You could
certainly help yourself in this area by starting small and then building
from there. Maybe just looking at a tree, a flower, a bird in flight, or
even up at the sky could be the spark you need to find a theme.

I enlighten the finding of a theme to this: You roll out your canvas in
front of you, gather your paint brushes, and then you stand still and quiet
and look straight ahead at your canvas. Presto! You would be amazed to see
how quickly your imagination would take over and the rest as they say will
be history.

You could find a theme practically anywhere! In a busy mall or coffee shop,
at the park or beach, on a moving train or bus, on a plane, or even sitting
quietly at home.

So just go out there and find your theme!

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