Helpful tips for September 2014

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Helpful tips for September 2014

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General tips
Articles of the day
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General tips
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Here’s something very important for you to know!
More germs lurk and exist in hospital washrooms than in elevators!

Some useful facts about your sleep apnea machine:
They function much better in the Caribbean than in colder climes.
In the Caribbean, they use less water and do not need as much cleaning.

So then, what really is the main cause of one snoring so loudly?
According to the experts, it comes about because of a narrow passage of the

What’s this about parrots?
Believe it or not, these sweet songsters simply love to eat hot pepper!
The Scotch Bonnet pepper is among their favorites!
And this pepper is among one of the hottest peppers that you will find.

Well then, here is something important about your remote control for you to
keep in mind!
Its surface is filled with lots of germs and why?
From your hands of course!

Yes, and here is something useful to know about tamarin!
Tamarin juice is a great drink to help with urinary problems.

Plastic cutting boards versus wooden cutting boards?
You are better off to use the plastic ones.

About those blowing fans on you as you sleep?
The air from them tends to dry out your eyes and your mouth if it is open
while you sleep.

What’s this about the best way to clean your grill?
Best to do it when it is hot!

Something interesting to know about the Mahi Mahi fish!
Its meat is thick and very sweet!

Okay, about the best way to cook vegetables!
It is better to steam them than to boil them and why?
Because boiling them takes more nutrients out of them.

Sea salt versus table salt?
Sea salt is derived from evaporated sea water
while table salt comes from salt mines underground.

A tip on boiling pasta:
Add a few drops of olive oil to your pot when boiling pasta so that it does
not stick.

About Bourban:
It is a corn based liquor.

Something important when it comes to ridding your plants of that annoying
Make yourself a mixture of water and dish soap
Place into a spray bottle
Shake well and then use it to spray your affected plants.

Electric cooking versus gas cooking?
Cooking by gas is much faster
and your food often tastes more delicious.

How can you tell if your eggplants are fresh and good?
The top of the eggplant should be green
and the eggplant itself should be shiny and firm.

Here is something very important to know about poking someone on Facebook:
If someone pokes you and you either do not acknowledge or delete the poke,
then the one who has poked you cannot do it again.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

A Dan Thompson contribution

Amazing Facts to Remember Windows-xp by

Source link is below if you wish to check more articles like this one.

by Peter (Spiceworks)

Goodbye Windows XP !

By now you’ve heard about Microsoft
Windows XP
End-of-Life on April 8th, 2014. After that date, Microsoft will not release
any more free hotfixes for XP, opening the door for hackers looking to
exploit vulnerabilities in the OS.

The security risks of running an unpatched operating system have prompted IT
departments and home users everywhere to drop XP like a bad habit, signaling
the end of an era. But before we say farewell to Windows XP forever, let’s
reflect on some eye opening stats about the operating system and the impact
that it’s had on the world since it launched on October 25, 2001.

Approximately 500 Million copies of Windows XP are still in use

Even though market share for Windows XP has decreased over the last few
years, according to recent estimates by ComputerWorld, as of March 2014, ?XP
still runs on approximately 30% of the more than 1.6 billion PCs in the
world. That means that XP still runs on a mind boggling 500 million
computers worldwide. Let’s wrap our heads around that enormous figure for a

500 million is:

* Greater than the population of more than 200 countries! Only China and
India have populations larger than 500M
* More than the number of cars produced worldwide from 2005 thru 2013 (496M)
* More than the albums sold by Michael Jackson, who only ever sold 400
million records
* 33 times more than the records sold by ?Justin Bieber, who has sold 15M
records to date

In addition, 500M Windows XP OS installs:

* Assuming an average install size of 750MB, have a footprint of 375,000 TB
of disk space. That’s enough space to store 75 billion 5 minute long MP3s or
133.9 million hours of HD video at the highest quality on Netflix.
* Would take 57,077.6 years or ?849 lifetimes to install assuming a 1 hour
install / set up time (but we know you’ve reinstalled the same copy of XP at
least a few times in the last 12 years)

Microsoft has released hundreds of Windows XP security hotfixes

If you think that trusty ol’ Windows XP is rock solid by now and that you
don’t have to worry about security after EOL, think again. New security
vulnerabilities in Windows XP are discovered all the time. You can rest
assured that hackers will try their best to exploit new weaknesses after XP
EOL. ? Here’s the supporting evidence:

As of March 2014:

* There were 741 security related hotfixes for Windows XP, 57% of which were
rated critical

* ?On average 5 security updates were released each month over the 12.5 year
lifespan of XP
* 2500+ general (including non security related)? hotfixes were released for
XP since 2001, more than 200 each month!

Approximately 95% of all ATMs in the world used Windows XP

?ATMs around the world overwhelmingly currently run on or used to run on
Windows XP. Despite years of repeated warnings from Microsoft to upgrade
systems, most major banks around the world are not close to completing the
migration process. In fact, according to ATM manufacturer NCR, on April 8th,
1.7 million automated teller machines will still be running XP?.

As of March 2014, there were:

* ?2.6 million ATMs in the world
* 2.47 million ATMs that ran XP at some point in time
* An estimated 1.7 million ATMs that will not be upgraded to a new OS by
April 8th, 2014

Microsoft spent hundreds of millions on Windows XP launch “Madness”

On ?October 25, 2001, CompUSA stores held “Midnight Madness” events, where
customers could be among the first to spend $299 on XP pro, or $199 for the
upgrade version of XP. Bill Gates himself signed autographs at the New York
Columbus Circle CompUSA location.

Later that day, ?Microsoft hosted multiple Windows XP launch events on
several continents as a part of their “Yes you can” campaign that cost of
over $200M. At the New York flagship launch event, Rudy Guliani and the
singer Sting made guest appearances in addition to Regis Philbin, who hosted
a Microsoft themed edition ?of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

On top of that, Microsoft obtained the rights to use Madonna’s “Ray of
Light” song in a TV commercial promoting Windows XP.

How much does $200M buy?

* 668,896 copies of Windows XP Pro at the $299 retail price
* 11,111 years of Office 365 Mid Sized Business subscriptions for 100 users
($15 per user per month)
* 8 million adult tickets to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York
City ($25)

?In China, 9 out of 10 copies of Windows XP are pirated

Perhaps the country that has the most to worry about post Windows XP EOL is
China. Here are several eye opening facts about Windows XP, security,
malware in China:

* 57 percent of China’s Internet users rely on Windows XP systems to go
* ?70 percent of China’s Windows XP users had in the last 13 years never
chosen to install the company’s security updates
* In a recent Microsoft forensic investigation, 91% percent of store bought
PCs in China were infected with malware. In the same 169 PC study, none of
the machines bought from resellers had an authentic version of Windows

The Windows XP “Bliss” desktop background cost millions of dollars

?The famous default Windows XP background was taken by a former National
Geographic photographer, Charles O’Rear, who snapped the photo in the
rolling hills of Sonoma County, California.

The image has no doubt been seen by billions of people worldwide and is
rumored to be the 2nd most valuable photo ever sold, putting it in the range
of several millions of dollars.?

For comparison, the 3 most expensive photos ever sold that we have data on
cost $4.34M, $3.89M, and $3.66M respectively.


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
The Ski for Light experience

In late January 2010, I along with some friends from Toronto Canada traveled
to Utah to take part in a week long event called Ski for Light. Each year,
this event occurs in several countries around the world including the United
States and Canada. It was founded over 30 years ago by a group of Blind
Norwegian skiers and in so many words: It gives an opportunity to a blind
person to learn to ski if they have not done so before or it gives a blind
skier the opportunity to have some real fun.

This marvelous event lasts for a week and each skier is provided with their
very own guide. Match ups are carefully done using the skier’s experience
and the skier’s preferences while they are there for the week.
Accommodations are excellent and the skiing area is top notch.

As a first time skier to this event, I did not go with any expectations but
at the end of the week I was sure glad that I had gone. I met so many new
people; both guides and blind skiers from different countries. I skied,
fell, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Every day I along with my fellow
skiers were taken by bus to Soldier’s Hollow where we skied for most of the
day. Everyone was so friendly, positive, and above all, they made you feel
welcome. I was fortunate to get a terrific room mate and we have promised
each other to remain friends and return next year; this time the event is
going to be held in Colorado.

At the best of times, blind persons are often challenged when it comes to
finding ways to enjoy such types of events. So just imagine my elation at
having been able to attend one of these. The guides and workers were so
helpful and so committed. I was truly impressed and I hope that others like
me will find a way to attend next year and in coming years. I am definitely
going to continue my skiing efforts back in Canada and will add this to my
ice skating activities.
Visit to learn more.

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