A complete list of the windows logo keyboard combinations

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Complete list of the Windows logo keyboard combinations

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A Dan Thompson contribution
A complete list of the windows logo keyboard combinations

Complete list of the Windows logo keyboard combinations
Windows key: opens the start menu

Windows key plus pause

Opens system properties


indows key + U Opens the “Ease of Access Center”. This contains a number of
features like a magnifier and an on-screen keyboard. I’ll say more about the
Ease of Access Center in the next tip.

Windows key + T Moves the focus to the taskbar. Once you’re there, you can
use the arrow keys to select a particular icon or group and then hit “Enter”
to launch or activate it

Windows key + B Puts the focus on the item in the Notification Area named
“Show Hidden Icons”. (The Notification Area is also called the System Tray.)
Then press “Enter” to display and customize the icons. This allows you to
choose which icons are displayed in the Notification Area.

Windows key plus m

Minizies to the desktop

Windows plus d

Minimizes to desktop

Windows plus f

Find folder or file

Windows key plus r

Opens run menu

Windows plus ctrl plus f

Search for computers if you are on a network

Windows key plus l

Lock computer or switch users

Windows plus number

Starts the program pined to the start menu in that position. If the program
is already running, it will switch to that program.

Windows plus shift plus number,

Starts a new instance of that program.

Windows plus plus control plus number

Switches to the last active window.

Alt+Windows logo key+number

Open the Jump List for the program pinned to the taskbar in the position

Windows plus tab

Cycles through opened programs

Ctrl+Windows logo key +B

Switch to the program that displayed a message in the notification area.

Windows logo key +Up Arrow

Maximize the window.

Windows plus left arrow

Maximizes the window to the screen’s left side.

Windows logo key +Right Arrow

Maximizes the windows on the screen’s right side

Windows plus down arrow

Minimizes the window

Windows plus home

Minimizes all windows but the active one.

Windows logo key +Shift+Up Arrow

Stretch the window to the top and bottom of the screen.

Windows logo key +Shift+Left Arrow or Right Arrow

Move a window from one monitor to another.

Windows logo key +P

Choose a presentation display mode.

logo key +G

Cycle through gadgets.

Windows logo key +X

Open Windows Mobility Center.

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