Apple replaces iPad 2 with iPad with Retina display

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Apple replaces iPad 2 with iPad with Retina display
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Contributed by Gaston Bedard

Apple replaces iPad 2 with iPad with Retina display

Lowest-end iPad features better screen, chip and camera than iPad 2 for same

CBC News, March 19, 2014.

Apple’s new iPad with Retina display is described as a fourth-generation
device, one generation behind the iPad Air released last fall. (Lee

Apple has upgraded its cheapest iPad to a fourth-generation model from the
iPad 2, which it is retiring. And it is selling iPad with Retina display for
the same price.

iPad with Retina display is the fourth-generation iPad, identical to those
released late in 2012, and one generation “behind” the higher-end iPad Air
released in 2013. It runs on an A6X chip, rather than the faster A7 of
current generation iPads.

The iPad 2, which Apple will no longer sell, was released in 2011.

The iPad with Retina display comes with 16 GB of storage and with Wi-Fi only
model will cost $399 – the same price as the second-generation model it
replaces. The Wi-Fi and cellular-compatible version is $529.

Compared to the iPad 2, the iPad with Retina display has a sharper screen,
faster chip, and a better camera that shoots in full 1080p HD video, rather
the 720p on the iPad 2, “offering a dramatic upgrade in power performance
and value compared to the iPad 2 it replaces,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s
senior vice-president of worldwide marketing, in a statement.

The iPad 2, which launched in 2011, will no longer be sold by Apple. (Paul
White/Associated Press)

Apple’s current generation iPad models, the iPad Air and the iPad mini with
Retina display, were released last October. At that time, the company did
drop the price of the iPad 2. The iPad air and the iPad mini with Retina
display start at $519 and $419 respectively for the 16GB, Wi-Fi only models.

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