Three Easy Ways To Backup Your Gmail Account

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Three Easy Ways To Backup Your Gmail Account
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Three Easy Ways To Backup Your Gmail Account
This free python app is what I use
to backup my Gmail account. It’s
lightweight and verbose, making it
easy to keep tabs on its progress.
You can backup all your emails or
select a date range. The app hasn’t
been updated since 2011 but still
works fine.
This is one solution that works
better on Windows than Mac or
Linux. I’ve had it running on Linux,
but it wasn’t fun getting it setup.
This is one task I offload to the
Windows 7 box.
Found here:
This is A Windows-only solution but
it has some compelling features
such as the ability to store your
email on a flash drive in portable
mode and compatibility with
Exchange Server. The home backup
version is currently free and
Mailstore also has paid backup
options for businesses all the way
to cloud
service providers.
I’m aware I spend a lot of time
harping on backups, both online and
local data, and there’s a good
reason for that. Of all the times I’ve
seen where technology really ruins
someone’s day, nine out ten times
that event was a data loss. By
backing up your personal data and
files you may still have days
technology lets you down but you’ll
be able to configure a new device,
restore your data and be right back
in business.

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