How to find your best American cities

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Your best american cities
By Donna J. Jodhan at

1. Eagle County Colorado
If you are looking for that once in a lifetime mountain resort where you can
enjoy sports any time of the year, then Eagle County is for you.
With sweeping and majestic views of the Rockies to being surrounded by dense
forests, Eagle County is rich in natural beauty.
This County has a more than adequate school system, a transportation system,
and an adequate airport.
Homes range from the handsome mansions to the single family home and modern
You can enjoy all kinds of annual festivals, concerts, and celebrations.
Rodeos are also there for the taking and cultural influences include
American, Hispanic, and European.
Restaurants are world class, shopping is exquisite, and sports include
fishing, skiing, hiking, biking, golfing, plus lots more.

2. Chandler Arizona
If you are interested in living somewhere in Arizona becuase you want to get
away from those freezing winters, then why not Chandler?
City or suburb, Chandler offers you a quiet place to live and work; that is,
if you happen to be in the high tech industry.
No tall buildings to obstruct your view.
No skyscrapers; tall office buildings or condo towers.
A city with lots of space, and home styles that range from the Spanish
Colonial to the East Coast feel.

3. Hill County Texas
Looking for that paradise that can offer you peace, tranquility, and a home
away from the clutter and confusion of the world?
Well, Hill County is that perfect paradise.
This region is rich in rolling hills, prairies, and forests.
It lies at almost equidistance between Fort Worth and Wako and its residents
enjoy a life of simplicity while at the same time they are able to enjoy all
of the basic amenities of life.
Homes range anywhere from between $100,000 right up to the $1 million mark.
So why not come and see for yourself!

4. Baton Rouge Louisiana
If you are seeking a true Southern City with lots of cultural charm, natural
beauty, and all kinds of activities, then welcome to Baton Rouge.
A city with the Mississippi River as its backdrop, Baton Rouge is rich in
cultural influences; Cajun, Creole, and American.
Its very healthy economy is based on vibrant medical research,
petrochemical, finance, and service sectors.
The city is rich in annual festivals (Mardi Gras), theater, and all kinds of
The cost of living is low and property taxes are more than reasonable.

5. Kansas City Missouri
Kansas City is a city that sits at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri
It is often referred to as the heart of America because of its geographical
The city plays host to several large corporations in the tele
communications, financial, theater industries.
Among other things, it produces livestock and grain, greeting cards,
automobiles, and traffic signals.
It is rich in parks, art galleris and museums, theater, ballet, and opera.
Its very low cost of living makes it a perfect place to buy a lovely home;
downtown or suburbia.

6. Burbank California
Looking for that city that provides you with a unique combination of small
town and a closeness to Hollywood?
One where you can find a haven away from the glitz of Hollywood while at the
same time enjoy a close community atmosphere?
Well, this is Burbank with lots to offer.
Entertainment, great schools and hospitals, and parks for your enjoyment.
Burbank offers you natural beauty; the backdrop of the San Fernando Valley.
There is great shopping to be had; state of the art malls, a shopping center
with lots of shops, restaurants, and night spots, and then there are the
smaller boutiques and antique shops.

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