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Helpful tips for February 2013

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General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

What’s this about the color yellow?
Well, it is the one that is most used when it comes to such things as:
warning signs, be ware of signs, and indicators to depict safety.

What is Impetigo?
This is a childhood illness that includes an affliction of the skin and
yellowing of it as well.

What’s this about carrots?
Eat them raw and they are better for you than eating them cooked.
Why is this?
Because when eaten raw, they contain much less sugar.

What’s this about mitts keeping your hands warmer than gloves?
This is quite simple to follow.
When wearing gloves,your fingers are separated from each other and htis is
not the case with mitts.
So, when wearing mitts, your fingers are closer together.

Well, we all know that the air that we breathe on board an aircraft is
almost always not very good; we all breathe in the same air while flying.
So to avoid those nasty colds that we often get after a flight, try opening
your air vent while flying.

Did you know this about oregano?
You get a better flavor with the dried one than with the fresh one.

Want to know something about the sleeping habits of dogs?
Well, on average, they sleep for about 16 hours each day.

What’s this about Calico cats?
Calico cats are only female.

Want to just gain access to a mobile version of Twitter or Facebook?
Just put an m. infront the original URL


Tech tips
Taken from Melanie Mama’s corner
With a huge bouquet of thanks to Dan Thompson at

How To Join/Subscribe To Google Groups Without A Gmail ID
by Annkur P Agarwal
SPECIAL NOTE FROM DAN: I tried this with two recent google groups and it
worked like a charm.
I have edited the directions from the original article to put them into a
step by step sequence.
(start of original article.)
I ended up pulling my hair, trying to figure out how to subscribe to Google
Groups without a Gmail email Id / Google ID. It was a shock to see that I
cannot join a Google group straight forward with my Google Apps Id. Though I
did manage to subscribe using my Google Apps email ID, but the process was
way too long. I had to signup for a Google Account using my company email id
and then as the same was added as a secondary email id for one of my Gmail
IDs, I was able to use my company email to receive the Group emails. Phew.
long and tiring process!
So to save you the horror of browsing through settings endlessly, here is a
simple trick I just discovered.
1. The web address URL that needs to be used has eight parts. This sounds
like a lot but most are standard parts of a URL. Each time I tried sending
this as a tip in it’s original form, outlook would not let it go through.
So below are the parts that must be in the web address in separate parts.
2. Here are the parts of the web address you must type into the address bar
of your browser. Between each part, place a forward slash. Do not place a
slash at the very end of the complete web address.
A. http:/
C. group
D. type in the group name you wish to join followed with a forward slash as
used to separate the various parts shown above.
E. boxsubscribe?email=myid
3. . Hit enter and you are prompted to click or press the spacebar on the
confirmation sent to the email id you entered
4. You are now subscribed without requiring a Google Account Sign up
process, Gmail id etc.


How To Pin Items To The Start Menu

Steve’s Daily Tip:

Empty Pill Bottles?

Recipes For Today:

Best Recipes. Main Dishes

Skillet Stuffed Peppers

Great American Recipes. Dessert Favorites:

Orange Brilliance

Quote For Today. ???

Did You Know? ???

Random Fact. ???

Mama’s Brain Challenges. ???

Member’s Section:

Happily Ever After


Winners Keep On Winning

Special Announcement:

Accessible World presents “You and Your Guide Dog,” may 12, 2010


Today’s Movies:


Described. Audio Only.

mp3 format.

Genre: Thriller


Some lines shouldn’t be crossed.


Kiefer Sutherland

Julia Roberts

Kevin Bacon


Joel Schumacher

Year: 1990

Rating: R

Using themselves as guinea pigs, a group of medical students decide to
experiment with life after death and find out what’s really awaiting them on
the “other side.”

One by one they each take turns “flatlining”, stopping their hearts and
brains to create a condition of clinical death registered as a flat line on
the EKG and EEG monitors. They then use emergency procedures to resuscitate
each other. Things get increasingly dangerous as the flatliners become more
daring, attempting to remain dead for longer and longer periods of time. The
leader of the group, plagued by a demon that has followed him back from the
world beyond, soon discovers that there is a price to pay for tampering with
the line between life and death.


Last Light

Not Described. Audio Only.

mp3 format

Genre: Drama


A movie about a killer who is waiting on death row, and finds an unlikely
friend in a prison guard.


Kiefer Sutherland

Forest Whitaker

Amanda Plummer


Kiefer Sutherland

Year: 1993

Rating: R

Kiefer Sutherland plays Denver Bayliss, a condemned murderer who has killed
three people, including a prison guard. He was brought into the system as a
juvenile delinquent and never got out. Now he is awaiting execution. Forest
Whitaker stars as Fred Whitmore, a death row prison guard who runs into
trouble when he refuses to take part in the brutally abusive tactics of the
guards. However, something about Denver haunts Fred Whitmore, and the two
men form an expected friendship that transforms their lives.


Dan’s Tech Tips:

How To Pin Items To The Start Menu

Pinned items are shortcuts which appear on the left pane of the Start Menu
until they are manually removed. You can pin shortcuts found anywhere on
your Desktop, Start Menu or Taskbar and any executable file of any

To pin a shortcut, right click on it and then select Pin to Start Menu.
Alternatively, you can drag and drop a shortcut to the Start Menu or on its

In case you don’t see the Pin to Start Menu option when you right-click on a
file, hold down the SHIFT key and right-click again.

For example, the Pin to Start Menu option appears in the right-click menu
only for applications, files with the .exe extension. If you want to pin to
the Start Menu a text file, you will have to use the SHIFT key and right

To remove a pinned item, simply right click on it and select Unpin from
Start Menu or Remove from this list.

How To Pin Or Remove Items From Jump Lists

As mentioned earlier, applications with support for Jump Lists will show a
small arrow on the right of their Start Menu shortcut which gives you access
to recently used files and tasks available for that application. The
recently used files list is continuously updated as you work with the
application while the tasks list remains the same. If you want to, you can
pin a recently used file so that it always shows up for that application.

Let’s take Internet Explorer, for example: if you have used it to browse a
few web pages, you will see the most frequent web pages and the standard
list of tasks.

Move your mouse on any of the frequently visited web pages and you will see
on its right side a small pin. Click on it to pin that page to the Jump

If using a screenreader, you can tab or arrow down to see the visited

Alternatively, you can right click on the page that you want to pin and
select the Pin to this list option.

To unpin an item, click again on the pin icon or right click on it and
select the Unpin from this list of

options. Of course pressing the application gbutton found three keys from
the spacebar’s right edge.

This is just left of the right hand control key.

You can also press shift plus f10 for the same result.

As you can see, the process is very simple.


The changes done to the Start Menu in Windows 7 improve in subtle ways the
way you work with it. The search box and Jump Lists are a major benefit as
they allow you to quickly start the applications you need to use, without
having to scroll down long lists of installed applications.

If you have some cool tips on how to improve the Start Menu and the way it
is organized, don’t hesitate to send me a comment and I will share it in
future tips.

I have a compressed zipped file called ” 109 Windows 7” I
would be glad to send to those wishing to check it out.


How To Remove Viruses From a PC

Document Source:

Here is a step by step guide that explains how to remove viruses from a PC.
It is not difficult to follow, and will help you to clean virus infected PC.

It might not work in all cases, but should help most of the time. All the
software used in this are completely free.

I recently downloaded a program for review, and found that it came with a

I had purchased a new laptop recently, and it came with McAfee antivirus

But McAfee did not do anything to stop that virus from running. The virus
was making outgoing connections, opening malicious websites automatically,
and slowing down the whole PC. These are the steps that I took to clean the

*Step 1: Make sure your Antivirus is up-to-date:

You might have a version of an antivirus that you installed many years back.
It might keep its virus definitions updated, but it might not have features
of some newer versions. Even if you have the latest version of antivirus, it
might not be updating itself, virus definition updates might be turned off,
or it might have simply come with a 60 day trial auto-update feature. You
need to ensure that not only you have the latest virus definitions, but also
the latest antivirus. That is the first step to do before attempting to
remove virus from your PC. In my case, I was running a full version of
McAfee, but it wasn’t effective against this virus. So, I uninstalled
McAfee, and installed latest version of AVG free antivirus. After that, I
updated its virus definitions to ensure it is up-to-date in all respects.

All antiviruses come with a button to update virus definitions. Just press
that, and the virus definitions will be updated.

*Step 2: Do a Full PC Scan:

Once you have updated your antivirus, do a Full PC scan. Antiviruses have a
feature of on-demand scan. When you do that, make sure you select the option
of “Full PC” scan, and not Smart or Quick Scan. In many cases, just doing a
full PC scan might identify and remove the viruses.

In my cases, AVG did detect many infections on my PC. So, I am glad I
uninstalled McAfee, and went with AVG instead.

*Step 3: Install Ad-Aware Internet Security Suite:

Once you have done a full PC scan with your antivirus, you want to scan your
PC for other malware and trojans that your antivirus might have missed.
Ad-Aware Internet Security comes very handy in that. It is especially
suitable for internet related malware; like trojans and tracking cookies.
Download free Ad-Aware Internet Security, and again do a full scan with
that. It might detect some additional infections that your antivirus missed
out. In most of the cases, your computer should be pretty clean by now. If
you still see any malicious activity, move to the next step.

*Step 4: Do a Safe Mode PC scan by Vipre Rescue

Vipre Rescue is a fantastic software especially made to remove viruses from
PC. This is not an antivirus, but just a virus cleaning software.

Visit the site below and if using a screenreader, press the letter h once.

Then arrow once to the download link.

Here are easy to follow instructions about how to clean your PC by using
Vipre Rescue.

I recommend you start your PC in safe mode before you run Vipre Rescue. To
run your computer in safe mode, just restart your computer, and press F8
before Windows logo appears. In the logon option window, select “Safe Mode
with Command Prompt. There start Vipre Rescue by following the instructions
that are given in page above. It would take quite some time to run Vipre
Rescue. I do not have lots of data, and still it took me around 2 hours. If
you have a lot of files on your PC, you might want to leave it running
overnight. Once Vipre Rescue finishes, it will show you how many infections
it found on your computer. It will also automatically clean those

In case your PC is so badly infected with viruses that you cannot perform
steps 1, 2, and 3, then you can start directly with step 4. In that case,
you can download Vipre Rescue on a Flash drive, and execute it from there.
But after that, do complete steps 1, 2, and 3 as well.

In case you do not have success with Vipre Rescue, you can try SARDU

eScan Rescue Disk

or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

I started with Vipre Rescue simply because it is very easy to use, and very

It even looks for rootkits; something that some of the free antiviruses

It can be quite a painful time when your PC is infected with viruses, but
patiently follow the steps above, and there is a good chance that you will
be able to remove viruses from your PC.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

The Hidden Games in Windows 7 Professional

by Terry Stockdale, December 30, 2012.

I wanted to play MineSweeper the other day, so I went to the Start button,
clicked All Programs,
and started looking for the games.
I couldn’t find a Games folder in the Start Menu. I checked the Accessories
section, too, and still no Games folder.

At that point, I started searching with a little more effort.

Note that you probably don’t have this issue, if you have a
manufacturer-installed operating system.
In my case, I’m using Windows 7 Professional which I installed from a
Windows 7 Professional Retail package.
I didn’t select Games during the installation, if it was even available as a

However, Windows 7 may have more games available than are displayed on your
system. You can check that, and install the others, by following this

First, I started at the Control Panel, where I clicked the Programs heading.

The next step wasn’t particularly obvious – I clicked on the Programs and
Features heading.

The next display was the same one where we can choose to uninstall a
But, the selection we want is in the left-hand column, and is labelled Turn
Windows features on or off, (since these are games that came with Windows,
even though they’re not displayed, they’re Windows features).

This will open the Windows Features dialog box:

Now, we can see an entry for Games. Even better, it has a checkbox and a
plus sign, indicating that there are additional sub-selections for Games.

So, I clicked the plus sign.

At this point, the Games selection has been expanded to show all the

The arrows indicate soem of the choices you might want to pick.
The OK button will activate them and create the Games option in the Start
menu, so you can start those games easily.

Happy gaming.

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