Your best American cities

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Your best american cities
By Donna J. Jodhan at

1. Colorado Springs Colorado
Ah yes! A city that offers you all the comforts of life and at the same
time an outdoors that is to die for!
With majestic mountains, lots of green space, and the ability to breath
freely, and live in peace and quietude, Colorado Springs is the perfect
place to be for you and your family.
This city has excellent job opportunities in the high tech and tourist
industries and is also well buffetted by the military.
Colorado Springs also offers excellent shopping, lots of historical sites to
visit, and an opportunity to live healthily.

2. Clearwater Florida
So you are looking for that nice quiet city that offers you some privacy
along with some more?
Then welcome to Clearwater Florida.
A city where you can enjoy some fine beaches, excellent dining, and great
A city with lots of sunny days and pleasant weather.
A city for all persons and all walks of life.
A city where you can choose to either live and work or work elsewhere and
live there.
Clearwater offers you a low cost of living and an unemployment rate that is
lower than the State’s average.
Clearwater is a city for all times!

3. Corpus christi Texas
Looking for a fresh start?
Tired of the cold winters, the clutter and confusion, and the busy life?
Then welcome to beautiful Corpus Christi.
A city that brings you close to the ocean.
Sailing, surfing, boating, and fishing all year round.
You can lie on the beach whenever you want and communicate with wild life at
your convenience.
Jobs are plentiful and the cost of living is way below the national average.
Real estate is most affordable and neighborhoods are rich in culture and

4. Spokane Washington
If you are in search of true utopia then you’ve found it!
Right here in beautiful Spokane Washington where the sun is always shining.
This city is rich in outdoor recreation and there is always something to do
all year round.
Spokane is rich in natural beauty; buffetted by the Cascade and Rocky
mountains, Spokane is surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers.
It is located along the Spokane River.
Spokane’s economy is heavily supported by the high tech industry and health
care and many residents are employed in the armed forces.
You can swim, boat, white water raft, and hike and bike in the summer and in
the winter you can ski, skate, ice fish, and snowboard.
So why not come and enjoy a piece of Spokane?

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