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Top of the day to you out there! I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk
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If you would like to know which career is taking off thanks to the demands
of our aging boomers, then please see my tiny tip at the end of my blog (the
career that is booming). Time now to open up our e-bag.

Question from Jeff Leevy: Are communities in the US preparing to meet the
demands of more seniors and retirees?
Answer: Jeff, I have a great article for you to read. Please see below.
Horry and Beaufort Counties Lead the South Carolina in “Retiree …
Filter News. Country …. With 76 million Baby Boomers rapidly aging and the
“leading edge” or oldest boomers turning 65 next year, many organizations
and businesses are gearing up to target products, services and housing to
this exploding demographic. The NARA Conference focuses on sales, marketing,
building, designing, financing, retiree attraction and a full view of the
impact this 55+ age segment will be making. With almost 80 percent of all
financial wealth held by …
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Question from Dominic Marico: Donna, how do you think retirees are dealing
with their retirement?
Answer: Dominic, according to the article below, it appears that they seem
to be doing very well. They are being creative, innovative, and thinking
outside the box. Please see my reference below. I hope it gives you some
Baby boomers are “reinventing retirement”
By Bus & Eco
News … Associate Professor Leisa Sargent and research fellow Paul Evans
are calling for recent baby boomer retirees to discuss their experiences for
Reinventing Retirement, a joint research project featuring the University of
Melbourne and … “Many of them are emphasizing ‘productive’, ‘active’ and
‘positive’ ageing. This is particularly true in terms of new policies
relating to the repealing of pensions and user-pays health services, and the
continued engagement in …
Business & Economics News | The… –

Question from Carol Kinsley: Donna, how can I tell which Internet business
would be the best one for me?
Answer: Carol, here you go. This is a perfect article for you to read.
Give it a whirl.
Which Internet Business is Right for You?
If you are looking to work at home you probably already know that the number
of online business opportunities available is overwhelming. How can you
possibly figure out which one is right for you? … way to make money online
you surf the internet, You find lots of people fighting to get your
attention to sell you the cheapest PDF report about the easiest and fastest
way to make quick money online, and You buy a small bunch of them and they
talk about affiliate marketing. …
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Question from Doug Porter: how difficult would it be to find a good home
business opportunity?
Answer: Doug, I have a great article for you to read. Please see below.
Home Work Business Opportunities ? How Do You Want Advertise Your …
By Fbsniper
Home business opportunities are not hard to find anymore with the internet
available all over the world. You just need to look at all of the home.
Social Marketing Tips –

Question from Erin Rand: Donna, do you have any special security tips for
the holiday season?
Answer: Erin, yes indeed! I have chosen an article for you to read.
Please see below.
5 Essential PC Security Tips for the Holiday Season
By Sumo3000
Home ESG 5 Essential PC Security Tips For The Holiday Season … holiday-
computer-security-tips Are you thankful this holiday season that your
computer did not become infected with a dangerous malware parasite or are
you like the other thousands of ill-fated PC users that happen to be the
unfortunate victims of the …
Remove Spyware & Malware with… –

Question from Andrew Horn: Donna, I have kids who love playing games on the
Internet. How can I make sure that they do not get into trouble online?
Answer: Andrew, here you go. This is a perfect article for you to read.
Please see below.
Internet Security: Safe Gaming Tips For Parents

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