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Top of the day to you out there! I’m Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk
and today I have a lot of questions to answer.
How much do you know about the home repair business? If you would like to
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Time now to open up our e-bag.

Question from Robin Youngsfeld: Donna, do you think that the younger
generation gets it when it comes for them to start saving for themselves?
Answer: Robin, I have an excellent article for you to read. This one
discusses your question at length. Please see below.
Are you being Forced to Save for Retirement? | Preferred Financial …
By stephan
As the baby boomer generation is nearing or has already reached retirement
age many of the younger generation are realizing that there will not be
adequate social safety nets in place to provide for them in old age. The
current retirees have a … Preferred Financial Services is a debt reduction
firm certified by the CFC (Center for Financial Certifications) and
accredited by U.S.O.B.A. (United States Organizations for Bankruptcy
Alternatives). Headquartered in Andover …
Preferred Financial Services –

Question from Mark Palmer: Could future hiring be for the skilled or maybe
Answer: Mark, according to the article that I have for you, it appears that
future hiring may benefit the skilled. Please see below.
Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled
The Associated Press
Nearly all the new jobs will be in the service sector, the Labor Department
says. The nation’s 78 million baby boomers will need more health care
services …
Read more at:

Question from Shaughn Holmerston: What is the present environment for
businesses that offer design services?
Answer: Shaughn, here you go. A perfect article for you to read. Please
see below.
Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Expand Your Design Business
By Jacob Gube
There are big opportunities out there, even for small and specialized design
businesses. So here are five reasons to stay small. If you’re at a turning
point with your design business – maybe you’re thinking of hiring extra
staff, connecting with … Mathew Carpenter is a 18-year-old business owner
and entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. Mathew is currently working on
AddtoDesign, a website which provides value added design buzz. Follow Mathew
on Twitter: @ matcarpenter. …
Six Revisions –

Question from Tina Majenzky: Could we use Malaysia as a yardstick to
measure how Southeast Asia is doing these days?
Answer: Tina, according to the article below, it appears that Malaysia is
often used as a looking mirror into what Southeast Asia is doing. Please
see below.
Malaysia’s New Journey at Anwar Ibrahim
By eddieputra
Malaysia’s struggles reflect those facing Southeast Asia as a whole. The
region’s economies once seemed among the world’s most promising emerging
markets, but in recent years, progress in almost all of them has been
stymied by upheaval and … Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs in Malaysia
certainly believe the pro-Malay policies cap their business opportunities.
Pardip Kumar Kukreja, the Malaysian-Indian chairman of Grand Paradise
Holdings, a Kuala Lumpur – based firm that …
Anwar Ibrahim –

Question from Keath Wren: Could the use of E book readers at work be a
security risk?
Answer: Keath, great question and I have something for you to read. It is
an excellent article and explains some of the concerns.
Globe and Mail
Using e-book readers at work
Globe and Mail
Especially for businesses, this generates security and privacy concerns. …
Four more tiny buttons let the user return to the home screen, pull up the
menu …
Read more at:

Question from Frances Gerchner: As a mom, I would like to know how I can
make my computer child friendly to my kids. Any suggestions?
Answer: Frances, here you go, have a read of this one. Please see below.
10 Tips That Will Make a Computer Child Friendly : Computer …
Consult tips in the internet on how to prevent injuries to bones, muscles,
and posture by incorrect computer use. 4. Read all about security measures
and parental controls. Set controls that will protect your child from
viewing unwarranted … Minimize risks by setting pages the kids can view as
favorites you can even set their school website as the home page on the
computer. 7. Introduce the kids to learning multi-media modules and sites
like BBC history for kids. …
Computer Science Courses –

Question from Ryan Daigle: Donna, do you think that boys had a different
reaction to Katrina than girls?
Answer: Ryan, good question and I am going to defer to an article that I
found for you. Please see below.
How Boys and Girls Reacted to Stress of Katrina (
By admin
Breaking News, Weather, Business, Health, Entertainment, Sports, Politics,
Travel, Science, Technology, Local, US World News- … gauge
their levels depression, anxiety, distress, aggression, and self-esteem. The
researchers also collected saliva samples to examine the children’s
biological response to stress. They tested the samples for levels of
cortisol, a stress hormone, as well as alpha-amylase, an enzyme that
indicates whether the body’s “fight …
Breaking News, Weather, Business,… –

Question from Justin Carrier: Can histamines be used to fight stress?
Answer: Justin, as this is not my field of expertise, I am going to refer
you to an article below. I hope it helps.
The Role of Histamine in Mental Illness and its Attenuation with …
The Largest Online News Archives! Subscribe to RSS feed … Depression is by
inhibiting antidepressant “reasonably serotonin and norepinephrine
neurotransmitters. However, as histamine release noradrenaline (Bugajski,
1984), which may cause anxiety or mania. Stress often releases histamine,
which transforms the HPA axis is stress hormones. It is known that chronic
HPA activation in depression and associated brain changes. There is also
evidence that histamine activates …
Online News Directory –

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip
of the week.
If you are seeking a managable home business that can bring you some useful
additional income, then why not try the home repair business? Your
consumers will be the seniors market and the market that contains busy
professionals and executives who do not have time to do it themselves.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.

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