Making your dinner table more accessible – great during this pandemic

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Making your dinner table more =

By Donna J. =



Before you =
say no or turn thumbs down on these suggestions; consider these =

You can definitely increase =
your revenue and reduce both your internal and external costs and here’s =


Take it from me!=A0 I have been an accessibility =
awareness=A0 consultant and advisor since 1998 and I continue to help =
companies to increase their revenues, reduce their costs, and reach =
hidden consumer markets!


At this time =
of the year, we need to ensure that everyone is kept happy at the dinner =
table so that they can enjoy dining together.


The thing to =
keep in mind when making your dinner table more accessible is =

A dinner table can refer to =
instances such as dinner tables in the home, dinner tables at a =
restaurant, and dinner tables wherever meals are shared by families and =

So here are some tips to =
make your dinner tables more accessible to everyone.


You need to =
ensure that most dishes on your dinner table can be easily reached by =
all diners.=A0

This could be =
accomplished by avoiding clutter or by only having the minimal number of =
dishes at each stage of the meal.

A =
suggestion would be to have your dishes split into stages as =

Group dishes by category =
such as appetizers, entr=E9s, and desserts.


Serve soups =
and salads in bowls and/or dishes that are easy to handle and those that =
help to avoid spills.

Do the same for =


For entr=E9s, avoid serving meals in plates or bowls =
that are too large.=A0

Do the same =
for desserts.=A0


Ensure that =
there is enough space on your dinner table to accommodate each guest.=A0 =

That is, that each person has enough =
elbow room to sit comfortably and to maneuver their =


Ensure that cutlery is placed so that your guests can =
easily find them without too much difficulty.

That is, that you don’t have too many cutlery pieces =
on your table at any given time.

A =
good suggestion would be to only have cutlery pieces for each stage as =
dinner progresses.


Remember =
now; access to your dinner table applies when your guests are being =
served as well aswhen they are serving themselves at the =


Finally, be sure to have enough room for all =

Chairs should not be =
crammed around your dinner table.

This is especially so for those who are in =
wheelchairs, those with walkers, and those who are vision =


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