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…. New and =
Noteworthy App Entries

1. Try this =
new and unmissable Escape Game format. This was originally designed to =
be played in the car, in transport or at home on your smart =

You will discover very =
unusual and surprising places: an abandoned hospital, a haunted mansion, =
the Orient Express, a pyramidion, an oasis, a kofun, a fort on stilts, a =
safe of seeds, a secret base. All located around the world: Asia, =
Oceania, Africa, Europe, America.

Live the adventures in beautiful graphics and in =
immersive and even stressful soundscapes.

Resolve the puzzle and discover the real place of the =
Escape Room.

You have 3 minutes to =
get out of each Escape Room. You can be helped by a clue in each of the =

Be careful, each clue will =
cost you time (30 seconds) and reduce your chances of finishing at the =
top of the rankings.

You can also ask =
the answer to the puzzle but this will destroy your chances of finishing =
the Escape Room on time (it will cost you 1 minute)

Current Version: 1.1.0 (May 17, 2018)

Read Audio Escape Room’s AppleVis App Directory =
entry for more information 


Visit Audio Escape Room’s App Store page  =



2. =
Blind Mahjong (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Traditional Chinese Mahjong was made accessible to =
everybody, including those who are blind or visually impaired. One =
player can play the game offline. Up to four players can play online. It =
is for all ages, allowing kids and adults to bond through playing =
together. Enjoy all the improved memorization, concentration, strategic =
thinking skills, and social skills that this relaxing game can bring =


•        =
     Use of 136 tiles and most widely accepted =
Chinese Mahjong rules

•        =
     Full support to iOS’s screen reader =

•        =
     High color contrast and large print for players =
with low vision

•        =
     Clean and easy-to-use =

•        =
     Detailed how-to-play =

•        =
     Ability to play against computer players with =
basic, proficient, or advanced skills

•        =
     Ability to play and chat with friends online =
(perfect for a group up to four)

•        =
     One month free trial before a subscription is =


Current Version: 1.2 (November 25, =

Read Blind Mahjong’s =
AppleVis App Directory entry for more information  =


Visit Blind Mahjong’s App Store page  =



3. Blue =
Badge Parking (iOS/iPadOS, Free)

This =
app uses a database of parking locations by kind permission of Dan =
Gibson at “”. After the initial launch =
of app, if you don’t have cellular connection it uses the last =
version saved. When launched, app looks for nearest spaces to your =
location based on the Search Radius selected in ‘Settings’ =
(default 3 miles / 4.5kms).

•        =
     The circular ‘Zoom’ button toggles =
between 3 views, Zoom just nearby locations or your location & all =
nearby locations & if a pin is selected then it zooms right into =
just that location. The pin flag has a blue ‘i’ & if you =
touch that a menu appears with Navigation Options.

•        =
     In the main ‘Map’ tab, touch the =
search box at the top & you can enter not only a Town or City but =
also Post or Zip codes.

•        =
     List tab: The list which is sorted so nearest =
to you or if you used the search box then nearest that location is at =
the top. Parking locations are within same Search Radius as Map. If your =
location has changed then ‘pull’ list down ‘to =
refresh’ distances & locations. If you would like to view a =
particular location just touch description & ‘Map’ tab =
opens with that location shown.

•        =
     Settings tab: This tab lets you change the =
search radius, distance units, enable / disable Beep Sounds, Delete =
‘Marked’ which has 4 options, Enable Shake feature, Disable =
Screen Auto Lock, Larger Display changes size of text & some =
controls, Zoom with Satellite view, display all Favourite in List Tab =
& Shake in Map Tab which has 3 options. These settings are =
remembered when the app is closed, ready for next time.

•        =
     There are 3 functions that use the =
‘Shake’ facility which means when you shake your iDevice =
firmly, it will trigger one of these


Current =
Version: 1.0.26 (November 16, 2021)

Read Blue Badge Parking’s AppleVis App Directory =
entry for more information 


Visit Blue Badge Parking’s App Store =



4. =
CrimeHunter 2.0 (macOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Fight and platform your way through 10 levels of fun, =
guided gently by a story behind the scenes! Redesigned from the ground =
up in Python to be cross platform!

•        =
     Rewritten from the ground up to be future proof =
and compatible with Windows Defender.

•        =
     Contains 10 multi-part levels of nonstop =

•        =
     Arcade style, with lives!

•        =
     unlockables once finishing the =

•        =
     Inventory system.

•        =
     Inteligent enemies jump over traps and target =
the player, as well as each other and other objects on the =

•        =
     Play on both Mac and Windows, with gameplay and =
options specifically designed for each system.

•        =
     Buy endless mode and compete against other =
players on an online scoreboard!

•        =
     Watch a semi inteligent AI play endless mode if =

•        =
     Create and share custom levels online! Note: =
Uploading requires a registration key, but playing shared levels does =


Read CrimeHunter 2.0’s AppleVis App Directory =
entry for more information 


5. SkySafari 7 Pro (iOS/iPadOS, =

SkySafari makes stargazing =
a simple pleasure. It has the largest database of any astronomy app, =
includes every solar system object ever discovered, offers unparalleled =
accuracy, advanced planning and logging tools, flawless telescope =
control, and provides the very best experience under the stars when you =
depend on it. Don’t postpone joy. Discover why SkySafari is the #1 =
recommended astronomy app for serious amateur astronomers since =


Current Version: 7.0.2 (November 27, =

Read SkySafari 7 Pro’s =
AppleVis App Directory entry for more information  =


Visit SkySafari 7 Pro’s App Store page  =



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