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Helpful tips for August 2021

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
* Cleaning Glassware
* Cleaning Kitchenware
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
* A review of the Four points by Sheraton Gatineau Hotel

General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Scams of the month:
Before giving you our scam tips of the month, here are some very valueable
You need to remember that scams come in the following formats:
As emails, as phone calls both recorded and via a live caller, and o yes!
It can even show up at your door and in your mailbox.
And now they are targeting us through texts being sent to our cell phones.

Before giving you the latest scams making the rounds; we have some do nots
to share with you.
Do not respond to emails that look strange to you.
Do not download attachments from unknown senders.
Do not share your username and password to your online banking and any other
online payments facilities with anyone.
Do not give out any banking or personal details on the phone to unknown
Do not pay any attention to threats from automated phone recordings or from
live persons with regard to your credit card or that you owe money to any
revenue agency.
Do not entertain any offers either via email or by phone from senders and
callers offering incredible service packages as they may pertain to cable
and tv services, prizes that you have won, or any sort of any type of
service package.
Do not answer the door to unknown callers.
Take extra caution to make sure that the details of your credit cards and
debit cards are fully protected when you make payments at restaurants or at
stores, pharmacies, and elsewhere.
Do not enter your password for Facebook or Twitter in response to a text
request on your cell phone.
The same if you are asked for your Apple ID.
Do not fall prey to a text message telling you that your banking details
have been compromised online.

Here is an energy saver and at the same time to go easy on your AC!
When you turn on your AC, make sure that all of your windows and balcony
doors are shut tight.
Letting in warm air during the summer will only put extra pressure on your
AC to produce cold air.
The same applies for fall and winter with regard to your heaters.
Keep all doors and windows closed when your heaters are on.

When the sun is hottest?
Between 11 am and 3 pm.

Sun burns?
Anyone and everyone can get it.
It does not matter about your skin colour!

When confronted by a coyote?
Make lots of noise and do your best not to back away!

Which fruits can provide you with potassium?
Oranges and bananas!

Which vegetable can provide you with great cooling for the body?

Which herbs possess wonderful cooling agents?
Parcely, mint, and cillantro!

Eating spicy food?
Well, it may be hot to eat but afterwards it provides a wonderful way for
the body to cool down.

Okay, here is some info on using mouth wash!
It is best to use it before you brush your teeth.
Why? If you rince with mouth wash after you have brushed your teeth, all
you are doing is washing away the floride from the toothpaste.
This leaves your teeth not being protected by the floride in the toothpaste.

About the disposal of expired medications or those to be thrown out!
It is best and safest to take these to your pharmasy and have the pharmacist
dispose of them.
You will only damage the water system by either flushing them down your
toilet or washing them down your kitchen or bathroom sink.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Glassware
Always slip delicate glassware and crystal into hot water on its side. Place
a rubber mat on the bottom of your sink for extra protection against
cracking and chipping.
Vinegar cleans crystal beautifully. Wash in a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar
and 3 cups warm water. Allow to air-dry.
When two glasses are stuck together, fill the top glass with cold water and
submerge the bottom glass in hot water. Gently pull the top glass away.
When pouring a hot beverage into a glass, you can often prevent it from
cracking if you keep a silver spoon in the glass while pouring.
To remove burned remains from heat-resistant glass baking dishes, warm some
liquid dish soap and allow it to sit in the item for 30 minutes or so. Rinse
well with clean water.


Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Kitchenware
To prevent tomato-based foods from staining your plastic containers, soak
the container and lid in cold water for 5 minutes or so before filling.
Eliminate odors in plastic containers by placing ordinary newspaper,
crumpled to a ball, inside the container before securing the lid. Odors
should be gone overnight.
Rub a small amount of salad oil or butter on a grater before using it.
Cleaning up is a breeze.
Keep a small toothbrush handy to remove foods from your grater.
A piece of dental floss comes in handy for cleaning awkward utensils such as
pizza cutters and can openers.
Freshen up thermos bottles or insulated coffeepots by filling with warm
water mixed with 2 tablespoons baking soda.
Save your egg shells and dry them out. Crush them with a rolling pin, place
inside your thermos with a little warm water and shake well.
To clean wooden cutting boards, slice a lemon or lime and rub the board
vigorously. Rinse with cold water. Clean and fresh smelling too!


Special note from Donna Jodhan:
The Covid choke hold is not going to last for ever and when it does finally
subside we will be ready to embrace favourite haunts and to visit favourite
The world will be a new place in which to live but it will be a better one.
So let’s get ready to welcome and embrace travel once more.

From the pages of Donna’s diary
A review of the Four points by Sheraton Gatineau Hotel

If you happen to visit Gatineau Ottawa and you are looking for a hotel with
a difference then by all means!
Why not give this Hotel a chance to win your heart!

I was quite pleased with my visit to this lovely little hotel in September
The staff there was very helpful and knew exactly how to be of assistance to
guests who were vision impaired.

So how would I rate their services? With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the
highest, here are my ratings.
Service desk assistance – 5
Assistance for guests with special needs – 5
Assistance at restaurant – 5

Remarks :
Access to the restaurant was extremely user friendly for a vision impaired
person and navigating among the tables was not very difficult.

About hotel staff:
They provided an extremely friendly ambiance.

My meals:
They exhibited a true semblance of French cuisine.

Any suggestions?
We need more of these types of hotels.

Contact info:
toll-free number 1-888-627-8089

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