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Welcome to the March 2021 edition of AppleVis Unlimited, our monthly
newsletter which highlights what’s new and noteworthy
on the AppleVis website. Below, you’ll find a selection of the best content
posted to AppleVis by members of the community –
from new app entries, to app updates, to the latest news and podcasts.
We are pleased to highlight the newest apps.
…. New and Noteworthy App Entries

1. Blind Drive (iOS/iPadOS, US$3.99)
This game is like nothing you’ve played before.

Did you ever drive blindfolded? Now’s your chance!

Blind Drive is a unique one-of a kind experience: an audio-based, black
comedy arcade action game.

The entire game is experienced through your ears. You’re blindfolded and
going against traffic. Cars rushing past, angry drivers yelling at you. Cops
on your tail. And you can’t see a thing. Listen carefully now – do your
ears have what it takes?

Current Version: 1.0.01 (March 15, 2021)
Read Blind Drive’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit Blind Drive’s App Store page

2. iCanSee world (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

The software “I can see” – intended for use by blind or visually
impaired people to help them navigate in space and help them find the right

The software product «I can see» uses artificial neural networks, in such
a way as to recognize different objects in a house, objects on the street,
clothing, food, animals, plants, mushrooms and more.

1) This application intended for use by blind or visually impaired people
to help them navigate in space, find the right objects, and also explore
our world in more detail.
2) One of the big pluses is the ability to recognize different objects in
real time.
3) Identification of objects using a trained artificial neural network.
4) All recognizable objects will be called voice, it allows the blind
person to understand what object is in front of him.
5) Function of current time.
6) Function of suspension of objects recognition.
7) Night mode. Even at night this program can recognize the objects.
8) Function of searching the object: say the object name, and after a
couple of seconds the program will searching object. As soon as the
object is detected, the program will report this.
9) Thematic filters adapt the program for your environment.
10) To recognize objects, you don’t need an internet connection!

Current Version: 3.2.11 (April 25, 2018)
Read iCanSee world’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit iCanSee world’s App Store page

3. NetNewsWire (macOS, Free)
NetNewsWire is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read
most regularly. Let NetNewsWire pull down the latest articles, and read them
in a distraction-free and Mac-like way.

* Native Interface… NetNewsWire looks right at home in OS X 10.8
* Find Later… Bookmark individual articles, mark sites as your favorites,
and search everything.
* Sharing… Send articles to Instapaper, Twitter, or Facebook.
* Popular Feeds… If you’re just getting started, NetNewsWire can
suggest some great reading material.
* Distraction-free… Reading articles in a browser means putting up with
ads and sidebars. NetNewsWire focuses on content.
* Tabs… For the true reading lover, NetNewsWire easily keeps track of
multiple articles open at the same time.

Current Version: 6.0 (March 28, 2021)
Read NetNewsWire’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit NetNewsWire’s website

4. Newsbite (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

A modern RSS newsreader for iPhone and iPad, with features to help you find
the news you are interested in, and no creepy tracking or advertising:

* Add Home Screen widgets showing articles from your folders, feeds,
topics, tags or searches.
* Discover feeds published by your favourite news website or blog using the
built-in browser.
* Setup notifications to alert you when new articles appear in your feeds.
* Create rules to automatically like, read, tag, or hide certain articles.
* Filter articles by unread, today only, tag, or media type.
* Add articles to the Reading List for later.
* Use the built-in reading list or external services, supports Pocket,
Instapaper, and Safari Reading List.
* Automatically find the most written about topics from your feeds during
the last day, week or month.
* Load the full article content for feeds that don’t include the full
text in the feed.
* Multiple image, audio, and video attachment playback.
* 3 column layout on iPad with new sidebar, redesigned for iPadOS 14.
* Pointer support from iPadOS 13.4 onwards.
* Sync your feeds and topics, plus article reads and likes using iCloud, no
additional account or login needed.
* If you have more than one device synced to the same iCloud account you
can nominate one of them to be the ‘Primary Device’. The primary
device is responsible for downloading new articles from your feeds, other
devices will sync via iCloud. This can help preserve battery life on
other devices, and improve sync reliability.
* Keep articles indefinitely, even when removed from the feed.
* Organise your feeds into folders using drag and drop.
* Choose custom font, size, spacing, alignment, and theme for reading
* Supports RSS, Atom, and JSON feed formats.
* Updates feeds in the background.

Current Version: 2.1.7 (March 4, 2021)
Read Newsbite’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more information
Visit Newsbite’s App Store page

5. Steps – Activity Tracker (iOS/iPadOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Track how far you walk and how many steps you take. Always on, works on all

Steps is a pedometer and activity tracker. It shows you just how much
you’re moving in a simple, elegant way. Set a goal. As you walk, the colors
change to show your progress like a sunrise. No noise, no extra gadget to
wear and nothing to distract you.

Everyone should walk 10,000 steps every day for their health, but many of us
don’t go that far. With Steps, you can easily track how far you go every
day, set a goal, and get moving!


* Clear, uncluttered design and changing color tells you at a glance how
far you’ve gone today
* Easily set and adjust goals
* Calorie tracking, customized for your body and activity
* Track and share your full activity history
* Customize to match your style with themes
* Check in quickly from your Apple Watch or Notification Center on your
* Integrates with Apple Health to combine data from your Apple Watch or
other connected devices

Current Version: 1.7.13 (March 19, 2021)
Read Steps – Activity Tracker’s AppleVis App Directory entry for more
Visit Steps – Activity Tracker’s App Store page

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