Making a shopping trip more accessible – important for Covid requirements

Hello everyone:
Each month I will be responding to a question; chosen from a pool of some of
the most commonly asked ones that I have been asked over the years and
continue to be asked.
This month, I’d like to answer the following question:
Making a shopping trip more accessible

Before you say no or turn thumbs down on these suggestions; consider these
You can definitely increase your revenue and reduce both your internal and
external costs and here’s how.

Take it from me! I have been an accessibility awareness consultant and
advisor since 1998 and I continue to help companies to increase their
revenues, reduce their costs, and reach hidden consumer markets!

This is the month when we all take time to plan and execute shopping trips
and it is a time when we should put some extra effort in to planning
shopping trips that accessible for our seniors and for persons with a
disability. With this in mind, I have some valueable tips to share and
hopefully it can help to increase both your customer base and your revenues.

1. Time to advertise a business to offer shopping trips for seniors and
persons with disabilities.

2. Employ and train staff in the rudiments of how to communicate with,
interact with, and cater to the needs of those as stated above.

3. Take the time to determine what seniors in your area are most wanting to
shop for.

4. Do the same determination for shoppers with special needs.

5. It may be better to split these 2 groups into separate ventures.

6. Think of offering end to end services; from pick up at home to drop off
at home.

7. Be mindful of how much time your trips will last as both seniors and
persons with special needs can only spend a certain length of time in malls
before they grow tired.

8. Be sure to include bathroom breaks and eating breaks.

This should be a good start and have fun as you engage in this.

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