A review of the Halifax airport

A review of the Halifax airport
By Donna J. Jodhan

There are airports and then there are airports and what distinguishes the
outstanding ones from the medioca ones are to a large extent the layout of
the facilities and services.
For me, the Halifax airport stands well ahead of many others in the
outstanding category and this is all due to the accessibility of this
airport for travelers with disabilities.

So how would I rate their services? With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the
highest, here are my ratings.
Service desk assistance – 5
Assistance for passengers with special needs – 5

Remarks :
The authorities of the Halifax airport have put a lot of thought into how to
accommodate the needs and requirements of passengers with special needs and
many other airports can take pattern after the facilities here.

About service desk staff:
Friendly, welcoming, and very helpful going beyond the call of duty.

Any suggestions?
Keep up your excellent work!

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