Let us try the virtual way -dreaming while in lock down

Let us try the virtual way
By Donna J. Jodhan

We are presently battling a very determined and unseen enemy in the name of
Corona Virus. This enemy has inflicted so much hardship, suffering,
sadness, and countless other problems on our world and I believe that one
way for us to use a very lethal weapon is for us to stay positive and fight
back with courage, fortitude, positive ness, but above all with smiles on
our faces.

As Winston Churchill once said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every
opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
This is an opportunity to put a dent into Corona Virus’s iron grip!

I’d like to try out this idea on readers; this being traveling via the
virtual way. If we are unable to physically travel, then why can’t we do it
the virtual way?

So with this in mind, I am going to use my personal experiences to take you
to some of the most exciting and welcoming cities around the world.

So without much ado, settle into your seats! Fasten your seatbelts, and
time to travel!

First stop is London England! O yes! A city filled with tons of history,
bustling tube stations, but there is much more to this city than this!
Theatre goes have a chance to enjoy some of the latest and greatest plays!
Tourists can visit the London tower, linger on in the War Museum, and take
time to visit and have a tour of Buckingham Palace. Before leaving London,
we’ll take a boat ride down the Thames.

Next we’ll hop across to Europe and touch down in Paris! Ah yes! Gaie
Paris! The city of lights and romance! Where lilting music can be heard on
every street corner! Cafes are packed with persons of all ages enjoying
sweet pastries and delicious cups of bubbling tea or steaming coffee. Or
you may see couples walking hand in hand along the banks of the River Seine.
Before leaving Paris we’ll stop at a nice little restaurant to sample some
Parisian cuisine along with a bottle of one of France’s finest wines. Then
with one last backward glance at the Eiffel Tower, we’ll be on our way once

Now it’s time for our jet to make its way to Rome! Ah yes! Rome! A city
steeped in history and beauty! We’ll pay our respects to the Vatican, throw
some coins into the fountain of Trevi for good luck, then we’ll mingle with
the crowds and allow ourselves to be gently lead to the shopping areas and
entertainment district. We will linger for a bit, do some shopping and then
it will be time to board our jet and be on our way. We’ll visit the leaning
tower of Pizza before leaving.

We are not very sure where next our captain is going to take us and we have
left it up to him! Lo and behold! He has brought us to Amsterdam because
he would like us to enjoy the festival of tulips and we are not
disappointed! Miles and miles of tulips of all colours welcome us! We walk
among them! We inhale their fragrance! We buy some but several vendors
give us bunches for free!
Amsterdam does not disappoint in any way and before leaving we take time to
visit the famous house of Anne Frank!

Our virtual whirl wind tour has started to come to an end and now it is time
to touch down in Montreal! One of the very few cities in North America
where you can live like an European, dress like a European, and enjoy yummy
European cuisine. We go shopping and purchase bags and bags of fashionable
and stylish clothes. We take a buggy ride around old Montreal and we attend
a very noisy hockey game!

Now it is time for us to make our final stop and low and behold! It’s New
York! Wow! So much to see and do and not sure where to start! So we begin
at Central Park with a buggy ride around the parameter. Next we wonder over
to Time Square, visit the theatre district, Take a boat ride to see the
Statue of Liberty and then? It’s time for us to go home! We have just
enough time to grab a New York steak and a beer!

I hope you enjoyed my virtual travel!

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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