A review of the Pearson Airport in Toronto – strides are being made

A review of the Pearson Airport in Toronto
By Donna J. Jodhan

This is Canada’s largest airport and it is indeed a sprawling one with
terminals 1 and 3 at your beck and call.
It has and continues to grow exponentially and services for persons with
special needs continue to evolve.
The reaction is mixed when it comes to how Airport staff meets the needs and
requirements for persons with special needs.
If you want to ensure that you receive what you require then you need to
phone ahead to book your assistance.
Your airline should be able to provide you with this number.
It should be noted that the Greater Toronto Airport Authority has been
making stupendous efforts to improve special needs services and they should
be commended for this.

So how would I rate their services? With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the
highest, here are my ratings.
Service desk assistance –
Assistance for passengers with special needs – 3.5

Remarks :
Staff at the airport continue to learn how to better communicate with
passengers with special needs.
More curb side assistance is needed.
Kiosks need to be made more accessible especially so to persons who are
blind and vision impaired.
More knowledge of relieving areas for service animals needs to be better

About security staff:
There needs to be a continuing effort to improve communication between staff
and passengers with special needs.

Any suggestions?
As stated above, for curb side assistance, continued attention to check in
counters, and at security.

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