Meet Eye-D

Are you looking for a product or service that can help to make life easier
for you or a family
member or friend? Or maybe you are looking for a story to help motivate a
family member or friend who is struggling to deal with their loss of vision?
Not sure where to look?
Well, we have a nifty piece of info to share with you this week.
The Sterling Creations team

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Now, just another app for you to discover. One to help you when you travel.

Meet Eye-D
(iOS, Free)

Eye-D is here to assist the visually impaired in independent living by
helping them evaluate the world around them with help of their smartphone.

It will work as your companion when you travel, help you explore places,
tell you about the objects in front of you and read text whenever you need.

This is what we have built for you:

* Where Am I: Be it the busiest suburbs of Mumbai or the loneliest roads of
Siberia, whether you are a common man or zombie, Eye-D will make sure
that you are never lost. Tap on “Where Am I” and let the magic
happen. You get to know your location with a list of landmarks nearby.
Found any of the landmark interesting? Then why wait tap the preferred
landmark and Eye-D guides you to it with directions (currently by opening
Apple/ Google maps for navigation).
* Around Me: Stuck in an alien town? Calm down, fire the Eye-D app and
select “Around Me”. Bingo!! You can now find ATM’s, Banks, Bus
stops, Cinemas, Restaurants, Hospitals, Stores and even the Religious
places nearby. Select the desired category and navigate to the preferred
place. To ensure that you never miss out a place we have provided a
search radius controller. So the next time you don’t find a relevant
place nearby try adjusting the search radius to anything in the range of
500 to 5500 meters. What? Still in that alien town? Come-on find the
nearest bus stop and head out.
* See Object: I’m facing the gate… No the lemon tree…. No the bike,
Easy pal!! Use the See Object mode in the Eye-D app to evaluate your
surroundings. Click on this mode, take a picture and Eye-D app will tell
you what’s in front. So the next time you are standing at the window
use the See Object mode to check what’s happening on the other side. In
case you missed the description the first time simply swipe right to hear
* Read Text: We designed this feature so that next time your visit a
restaurant or want to get a novel for you friend you won’t have to ask
anyone for help. Open read text mode, click a picture and Eye-D app will
read the text in front you. You can swipe right to hear the text again in
case you missed it the first time.

Current Version: 1.1.1 (April 1, 2018)

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