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Let’s Talk Tips for Monday, July 1st 2019 – Volume 10
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This month in Let’s Talk Tips:


1.) Comcast Now Lets You Control Your TV With Your Eyes
Seven years ago, telecommunications heavyweight Comcast recruited Tom
Wlodkowski to make the company’s services more accessible to people with
disabilities. Wlodkowski came with an impressive list of accomplishments:
He’d run AOL’s efforts to make the internet more functional for people with
visual and physical impairments, and launched a number of services like AIM
Relay, which let people who are deaf or speech-disabled place phone calls.
He’s also blind, which meant he knew firsthand some of the challenges that
people faced when trying to control a television with a standard remote

2.) Hearing Aids Get A Tech Minded Upgrade
Spurred by regulations that will allow over-the-counter sales, hearing-aid
companies are pushing the limits of what their products can be.

3.) Apple’s Global Accessibility Head on the Company’s New Features for iOS
13 and macOS Catalina
From dark mode in iOS 13 to a redesigned user interface in tvOS to the
dismantling of iTunes to the coming of iPadOS, Apple made a slew of
announcements at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote at the
beginning of June. And accessibility was there in full force.

4.) See How Futuristic Home of a Wounded Warrior Has Life-Changing Effects
Rob Jones’ legs were amputated after an attack in Afghanistan in 2010. Now,
his home is giving him an assist to live more independently.

5.) How One Man Made Google Home More Accessible For Anyone
Google engineer, Lorenzo Caggioni, was inspired by his brother with Down
syndrome to make Google Home better for people who don’t speak.


1.) Here’s How to Stay Motivated When You Hit The Gym
Many people hit the gym thinking their body will transform instantly, but as
one fitness trainer points out, it’s more of a long-term commitment. Body
transformation can take months depending on each person’s body type,
according to Jerome Harold, trainer at LA Fitness in Mississauga, Ontario.

2.) Fitness Tips from a Mother and Personal Trainer
In 2014, with a newborn baby in her arms, Brianna Bernard set out to lose
some weight and get her fitness back. Little did she know that just a year
later she’d have lost 107 pounds and changed her life forever. Her newfound
love of fitness and nutrition led the former stay-at-home mom to become a
personal trainer, eventually founding her own online diet and exercise

3.) Eid-ul-Fitr 2019: Tips to Have a Happy and Healthy Feasting
With the Holy month of Ramadan coming towards an end, Eid-ul-Fitr, the most
celebrated festival of Muslims is just around the corner. The festival is
celebrated to end the long fasting month of Ramadan and welcome the month of
Shawwal. With a huge variety of scrumptious varieties laid on the table to
feast, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

4.) Fitness Column: Summer Offers Ideal Time to Embrace Healthy Habits
Finally, summer. Enough said. There’s no better time of year to establish
inroads to better health. Fresh, local produce and warm evening walks are
exactly what the doctor ordered. After enjoying a few balmy evenings take
some time to set the stage for new healthy behaviors.

5.) 5 Women Who Dropped Over 100 Lbs. Share Their Top Tips for Losing Weight
Succinct tips from 5 women who each lost over 100 Lbs.


1.) 3 Social Media Trends That Just Aren’t True (And Why Believing Them Is
For marketers, it’s important to understand apparent shifts in social
behavior. After all, if you base your marketing strategy on incorrect
assumptions, you’ll have a hard time meeting your goals. Unfortunately, the
headlines don’t always get it right when it comes to analyzing social

2.) Facebook Will Remove Certain Business Page Info Sections as of August
1st 2019
The only constant in Facebook marketing is change, and The Social Network
has outlined a new business Page update which will see the removal of
certain Page information sections as of August 1st 2019, with prompts urging
Page admins to integrate those fields into other sections.

3.) How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lists: 9 Great Ideas
There’s a simple way to organize your Twitter feed into targeted topics, so
you can always keep up with the most important conversations in your
industry: Twitter lists. No matter how many people you’re following on
Twitter, lists offer sanity-saving organization and targeting. They also
allow you to engage more effectively and keep secret tabs on the
competition. Here’s a quick primer on how to set up Twitter lists.

4.) How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2019 (And How to Work With It)
Here’s the thing to remember: Instagram’s primary goal is to maximize the
time users spend on the platform. Because the longer users linger, the more
ads they see. So directly or indirectly, accounts that help Instagram
achieve that goal are rewarded. But that’s a pretty broad statement. And
it’s easy to misinterpret. To help clear up misconceptions, in June 2018
Instagram invited journalists to a press briefing in San Francisco, where
their product team explained how the algorithm works.

5.) LinkedIn Officially Launches Photo Tagging, Adds Video Within Messaging
LinkedIn has been adding a heap of new features of late, including
Reactions, live-streaming, even its own, initial iteration of Stories (for
higher education users only). And now, finally, we have the official launch
of photo tagging.


1.) Tigers versus Dragons – Asia’s Booming E-Commerce Market and the
Challenge to China’s Regional Dominance
Driven by an emerging middle class, movements toward deregulation of
cross-border trade and improvements in technology such as more affordable
mobile internet access, the Asia market represents a huge opportunity for
businesses who want to be a part of the e-commerce success story. But before
choosing which country within Asia to target first, there are a few aspects
to consider as part of an e-commerce route to market.

2.) ‘They Have You in a Cultish Grip’: The Women Losing Thousands to Online
Beauty Schemes
“The main distinction between MLMs and pyramid schemes is MLMs actually have
a product,” says Daryl Koehn, a professor of business ethics at DePaul
University in Chicago. “In pyramid schemes, you’re just selling the
opportunity to make money.” Yet Koehn argues that even when MLMs have
products, they become pyramid schemes if there is a high cost of entry or if
presenters build up inventory they can’t sell.

3.) More Than Half Of Baby-Boomer Job Seekers Say They’ve Faced Age
Discrimination, And It’s Costing Them Work
Baby boomers say age discrimination is holding them back from getting a job.
Around 53% of surveyed, self-described baby boomers say they have felt
discriminated against by an employer due to their age, according to the
job-listing site iHire. The survey is part of a larger report on the state
of hiring for baby boomers.

4.) Asia’s AI Talent Pool Broadens, Except In Japan
Asia is evolving into a popular home of artificial intelligence experts with
China leading the way, but Japan has proved to be an outlier as its talent
pool falls behind the world’s smaller economies in both size and quality.

5.) Kentucky Lags In Quality Of Life For Seniors
Kentucky as a whole doesn’t look so great for seniors in the newest
America’s Health Rankings Report for seniors. The Bluegrass State is ranked
second-last in the nation for senior health, ahead of only Mississippi.


1.) How A Little Wooden Ramp Reshaped An Ontario City
The small city of Kenora has a picturesque harbourfront and a shopping
district lined with turn-of-the-last-century frontier buildings. It’s pretty
as a postcard – but it had a problem. As is the case in many of Ontario’s
smaller communities, the downtown was not accessible for people with
physical disabilities.

2.) ‘I’m The Happiest Person On Earth’: Blind Japanese Sailor Completes
Nonstop Pacific Crossing
A blind Japanese sailor has successfully completed a near two-month, nonstop
voyage from San Diego to Fukushima Prefecture, making him the first person
to make a blind sailing across the Pacific Ocean.

3.) Airlines Vow To Improve Bag Tracking And Ease Travel For People With
At the International Air Transport Association’s recent annual meeting, the
industry trade group passed a handful of resolutions aimed at making the
passenger experience better for everyone. Two of the resolutions that might
make a noticeable difference on your next flight, and on flights into the
future, address bag tracking and accessibility for people with disabilities.

4.) The Blind Lead The Blind At The Pacific Training Centre
Centre specializes in teaching visually impaired people everyday skills to
live an independent life.

5.) New Strategy For A More Accessible And Inclusive Public Service
Canadians expect innovative, efficient and productive programs and services
from an inclusive federal public service that reflects the true diversity of
Canada. On the occasion of National AccessAbility Week, the Government of
Canada today launched its first ever accessibility strategy for the public
service of Canada, setting the conditions to identify, prevent, and remove
barriers in the workplace to persons with disabilities.


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