Helpful tips for May 2019

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Helpful tips for May 2019

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

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General tips
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Scams of the month:
No need to be afraid or scared if this occurs on your computer.
You are minding your own business tending to things on the Internet and
Your screen starts to flash ane emits very loud alarm sounds!
Then you are told that someone is attempting to commit identity theft on
You are also told that your computer has been locked!
Next you are told not to shut down or to restart your computer but instead
to contact support and you are given a number to call!
No, do not call the number on your screen.
Simply shut down and restart your computer!
This is nothing but scammers at work with idle hands hoping that you will
fall for this trap.
And if you fall for this trap then your computer will be locked and you will
be asked to pay hundreds of dollars to have it unlocked!
Please heed this warning!

Be aware of this one:
Someone runs up to you saying that they need money to take their kid to the
hospital because they are unable to pay for their medical expenses.
Hard as this may be, simply ignore and move quickly away.

Some spring tips for your garden!
Sharpen your garden tools with either a stone that you can purchase at any
hardware store.
Or us a file.
Clean your garden tools and use linseed oil to clean the handles.
For your garden beds:
Remove all burlap wrap that you used to cover them up for the winter.
Remove branches that are too close to each other.
Remove branches that grow inwards towards the center of your plant.
Branches should always grow outwards.

About teeth whiteners?
They can do a lot of damage to your teeth.
They wear down the enamel in your teeth and it is extremely difficult to
repair this.

About vitamin D:
You need them most during the months of November to May.
Try eating more eggs during this time.

When the screen on your i device goes blank!
Not to worry!
This would only happen whenever your i device is too hot or too cold!

A tip about snoring:
You apparently snore more when sleeping on our back!
Try sleeping on your side in order to cut down on your snoring.

Carbs for kids?
Experts tell us that kids need at least an intake of 55% of carbs into their
daily diet.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Did you know;
50 Uses For Vinegar

1. Kill grass on walks and driveways.

2. Kill weeds. Spray full strength on growth until plants have starved

3. Increase soil acidity. In hard water: one gallon of tap water
for watering rhododendrons, gardenias, or azaleas.

4. Deter ants. Spray vinegar around doors, appliances, and along
other places where ants are known.

5. Polish car chrome. Apply full strength.

6. Remove skunk odor from a dog. Rub fur with full strength vinegar;

Keep cats away. Sprinkle vinegar on areas you don’t want the cat
walking, sleeping, or scratching on.

8. Keep dogs from scratching his ears. Use a clean, soft cloth
dipped in diluted vinegar.

9. Keep chickens from pecking each other. Put a little in their
drinking water.

10. Tenderize meat. Soak in vinegar over night.

11. Freshen vegetables. Soak wilted vegetables in 2 cups of water
and a tablespoon of vinegar.

12. Boil better eggs. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar to water before boiling
Keeps them from cracking.

13. Soothe a bee or jellyfish sting. Dot the irritation with
vinegar and relieve itching.

14. Relieve sunburn. Lightly rub white vinegar; you may have to reapply.

15. Condition hair. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to dissolve sticky
residue left by shampoo.

16. Relieve dry and itchy skin. Add 2 tablespoons to bath water.

17. Fight dandruff. After shampooing, rinse with vinegar and 2 cups
of warm water.

18. Soothe a sore throat. Put a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water.
Gargle, then swallow.

19. Treat sinus infections and chest colds. Add 1/4 cup or more
vinegar to the vaporizer.

20. Feel good. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of
water, with a bit of honey added for flavor, will take the edge off
your appetite and give
you an overall healthy feeling.

21. Deodorize the kitchen drain. Pour a cup down the drain once a week.
Let stand 30 minutes and then flush with cold water.

22. Eliminate onion odor. Rub on your fingers before and after slicing.

23. Clean and disinfect wood cutting boards. Wipe with full strength

24. Remove fruit stains from hands. Rub with vinegar.

25. Cut grease and odor on dishes. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to
hot soapy water.

26. Clean a teapot. Boil a mixture of water and vinegar in the teapot.
Wipe away the grime.

27. Freshen a lunchbox. Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and let it
sit in the lunchbox over night.

28. Clean the refrigerator. Wash with a solution of equal parts
water and vinegar.

29. Unclog a drain. Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain and add
1/2 cup of vinegar. Rinse with hot water.

30. Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal. Make vinegar ice
cubes and feed them down the disposal. After grinding, run cold water

31. Clean and deodorize jars. Rinse mayonnaise, peanut butter, and
mustard jars with vinegar when empty.

32. Clean the dishwasher. Run a cup of vinegar through the whole
cycle once a month to reduce soap build up on the inner mechanisms
and on glassware.

33. Clean stainless steel. Wipe with a vinegar dampened cloth.

34. Clean china and fine glassware. Add a cup of vinegar to a sink
of warm water. Gently dip the glass or china in the solution and let dry.

35. Get stains out of pots. Fill pot with a solution of 3
tablespoons of vinegar to a pint of water. Boil until stain loosens
and can be washed away.

36. Clean the microwave. Boil a solution of 1/4 cup of vinegar and
1 cup of water in the microwave. Will loosen splattered on food and

37. Dissolve rust from bolts and other metals. Soak in full strength

38. Get rid of cooking smells. Let simmer a small pot of vinegar
and water solution.

39. Unclog steam iron. Pour equal amounts of vinegar and water into
the iron’s water chamber. Turn to steam and leave the iron on for 5
minutes in an
upright position. Then unplug and allow to cool.
Any loose particles should come out when you empty the water.

40. Clean a scorched iron plate. Heat equal parts vinegar and salt
in a small pan. Rub solution on the cooled iron surface to remove
dark or burned stains.

41. Get rid of lint in clothes. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

42. Keep colors from running. Immerse clothes in full strength
vinegar before washing.

43. Freshen up the washing machine. Periodically, pour a cup of
vinegar in the machine and let in run through a regular cycle no
clothes added).
Will dissolve soap residue.

44. Brighten fabric colors. Add a 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.

45. Take grease off suede. Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and gently
brush over grease spot.

46. Remove tough stains. Gently rub on fruit, jam, mustard, coffee, tea.
Then wash as usual.

47. Get smoke smell out of clothes. Add a cup of vinegar to a bath
tub of hot water. Hang clothes above the steam.

48. Remove decals. Brush with a couple coats of vinegar. Allow to soak
Wash off.

49. Clean eyeglasses. Wipe each lens with a drop of vinegar.

50. Freshen cut flowers. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 teaspoon
sugar to flower water.


A Gaston Bedard contribution

How to Deal with Liquid Spilled in a Keyboard

By Dan Gookin from Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies, 3rd Edition

The worst thing that can happen to the keyboard is water damage, such as
spilled coffee or juice. This type of mishap may not ruin the keyboard, but
it depends
on the type of keyboard, whether it’s mechanical or magnetic.

The first thing you should do after spilling liquid into the keyboard is to
detach it. If you’re using a USB keyboard, simply unplug it. The older PS/2
connector keyboards shouldn’t be disconnected without turning off the PC
Otherwise, by disconnecting the PS/2 connector, you may accidentally damage
the keyboard connection circuitry or the PC’s motherboard. That’s a bad

After removing the keyboard, try to give it a bath. Fill a washtub with
soapy water. Immerse the keyboard in the water and give it a few good
Then let the keyboard drain on a towel. Let it sit overnight or until it’s
completely dry – typically, overnight.

The next day, after the keyboard is dry, attempt to plug it back into the PC
see whether it can be used. Often, the keyboard recovers just fine. If not,
replacement keyboards are cheap.

Of course, none of this applies to a laptop keyboard. If you spill liquid
in a laptop keyboard, you got liquid in the whole dang thing. Off to the
repair shop or laptop replacement store you go!

Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than their magnetic and membrane
cousins. They do, however, stand a greater chance of being cleaned by using
the water-immersion method.

Cheaper keyboards use magnets and membranes to make the keys connect. In
that case, immersing the keyboard to clean it may render the thing useless.
course, it was probably rendered useless immediately after you spilled
coffee into it, so the point is moot.


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
Subway stations in Toronto

If you ever have the chance to travel on the subway in Toronto, then you
might as well brace yourself for a challenging experience. Not only will
you encounter tons of folks walking and running in every direction but you
will also encounter all kinds of other obstacles.

For someone who is vision impaired, I have had the opportunity to travel on
this subway in different ways. That is, I did it when I had functional
vision and now I continue to do it as someone with almost no vision. I use
my vision to help me navigate heavy traffic in the subway stations. I use
it to help me cope and I use it to help me pack huge packages of patience
as I prepare to travel on the Toronto subway.

I am afraid that it is only going to get more challenging with time. Of
course, you can choose the times when traffic is at its lowest if you have
that option or opportunity to do so.

Let’s say between 10 am and 2 pm would be the best times to travel as freely
as you can. Trust me when I tell you that it is a pure luxury when you as a
vision impaired person can travel without too much trepidation.

Once you understand how the lines go; from East to West and from North to
South, you can find your way around quite easily. The lines are quite long
but that’s how it is for a large city like Toronto. Stops are announced as
the subway arrives at each station and this helps a lot. Seats are quite
comfortable and if you are unable to find a seat then you need to hang onto
one of the many poles in the subway.

You may or may not find a good samaritan who would be willing to give up
their seat for you as a vision impaired person. It all depends on whether
or not their heads are either buried in a book or their eyes are glued to an
i device or that airbuds are stuck in their ears.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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