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Meet Visual Brailler
(iOS, Free)

This app is for those who desire to stay in touch with braille.
Give this one a try.

Visual Brailler is the simple braille editor. It’s a braille writer for
your iPad, and it has a place in every braille transcriber’s toolbox. Use
it for NLS certification exercises or to practice UEB. Show off your mastery
of braille!

* 6-dot braille on-screen keyboard
* Support for any and all 6-dot braille codes
* An indefinite number of 40-cell braille lines
* Cut, copy, and paste braille manipulation
* Refreshable braille display input and output
* BRL (unformatted) and BRF (formatted) braille file export

Current Version: 1.2 (October 2, 2015)
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