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Friday, February 1st 2019 – Volume 5
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This month in Let’s Talk Tips:


1.) Don’t Reply to Your Emails
Have you ever attempted to achieve “Inbox Zero?” The term, first coined in
2007 by Merlin Mann, has become what many people consider the pinnacle of
digital organization. And this article suggests that you let it all go.
That’s right. Hear the case for “Inbox Infinity.”

2.) The Top 10 Products of CES 2019
From LG’s “rollable” 65″ OLED display to Disney’s Holoride to the much
talked about “real life selfie filter” device better known as the P&G Opte
Precision Skincare System.

3.) Hype Alert: Don’t Expect 5G to Change Your Life Right Away
The next-generation of cellular technology, 5G promises to change your life
with a massive boost in speed and responsiveness. It’ll power applications
like self-driving cars, telemedicine and a new universe of connected
devices. You can expect to see 5G smartphones coming out in the first half
of next year. The bad news: Don’t expect your life to change quite yet.

4.) For Better Or For Worse The Foldable Phone Revolution is at Hand
CES 2019 shows us that the foldable phone revolution will be awkward, but
essential. Because after all, someone’s got to take that first, weird step.

5.) Is it time for VR to hibernate? Again?
It feels like VR is about to embark on one helluva nap. In 2019, VR is a
sideshow in a theme park, a marketing stunt, a slide in a PR PowerPoint
presentation, a niche hobby for people locked in rooms with a ton of money
to spend, and — worse — no one seems to know what direction we’re headed in,
or even what virtual reality should be.


1.) 10 Health & Fitness Instagram’s to Follow for Fresh Food Ideas, Workouts
and Wellness Tips
Instead of making a list of bullsh*t New Years resolutions that will fall by
the waist side come January 10th – let’s just do one right here, right now.

2.) How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way in 2019
If your first thought as a 2019 weight loss hopeful is “What diet am I going
to go on,” though? Folks, you’re doing it wrong.

3.) A 1,500-Calorie Diet: Food Lists, Meal Plan and More
Many people choose to follow a 1,500-calorie diet plan to jumpstart weight
loss and control their food intake. This article explains how to follow a
1,500-calorie diet, including foods to eat, foods to avoid and tips for
healthy, long-term weight loss.

4.) Life Changing Weight Loss Tips: Woman Dubbed The ‘Fat Friend’ Shed Six
Stone Thanks to Slimming World
Jodie was just 17 when she overheard a group of men refer to her as “The Fat
Friend” while on her first girls holiday. Distraught, she came home and
vowed to lose weight.

5.) 6 Weight-Loss Tips From People Who Have Dropped Between 20 and 250
If you’re in need of a little motivation, check out these weight-loss tips
from people who have been there and done that.


1.) The Instagram-Husband Revolution
The men behind the camera are ready to step into the spotlight.

2.) How to Provide Alt Text on Facebook, Twitter and Now Instagram. 60
Second Video.
Instagram recently joined Facebook and Twitter in allowing users to add
alternative textual descriptions to their photos and videos. This 60 second
video illustrates how to access this feature on each of these platforms.

3.) 40+ Video Marketing Statistics for 2019 [Infographic]
Yes, you’ve heard it before – video is key to optimal social media
marketing. Mark Zuckerberg’s been saying it for years, and the stats reflect
this shift. Underlining this, the team from Renderforest recently put
together this infographic of video marketing stats, which looks at current
usage trends and data, and may help better contextualize the growth and
relevance of video content.

4.) How to Optimize a Site for Voice Search [Infographic]
With the growing adoption of smart speaker devices, and the evolution of
related voice search tools, most businesses are now at least somewhat aware
of the coming shift in search behavior. But you may not be aware of just how
significant the voice search trend is set to be. This incredibly detailed
[Infographic] lists absolutely everything you need to do in order to
optimize your site for voice search.

5.) New Salesforce Tools Let Marketers Create Mobile Apps Without Developers
Salesforce has added the ability for marketers and admins to create and
publish mobile apps for iOS and Android devices on its Lightning Platform
and for its Community Cloud.


1.) Southeast Asia is the Best Market for Fintech
Countries belonging to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
represent the greatest opportunity for fintech development in the near term,
according to a new report by Deloitte and Robocash cited by Crowdfund

2.) Senior Living Executive Forecast: 2019 Business Trends, Challenges,
As baby boomers age they are looking for a different level of service and
amenities than in the past. Those entering the nursing home profession will
find customer service and hospitality as a growing area of focus.

3.) New Survey Finds Americans’ Spending Habits Are Ruining Their Retirement
Let’s face it, many Americans aren’t doing a good job of saving for
retirement. GOBankingRates’ 2018 Retirement Savings survey found that 42
percent of respondents have less than $10,000 saved, which isn’t even enough
to cover a year’s worth of expenses in retirement.

4.) The FTC’s Cyberinsurance Tips: A Must-Read for Small Business Owners
Small-business owners are beginning to realize cybersecurity technology is a
necessary evil — it’s evil in the sense there’s no guarantee company data
and/or customer personally identifiable information (PII) will remain
secure. Besides losing valuable data, there’s a real possibility that any
cybersecurity event would hurt the victim company’s reputation, inhibit
business, and decimate financial reserves.

5.) Employment Outlook: Baby Boomers Affecting Job Market by Refusing to
An aging Baby Boomer population is affecting the labor market and the odd
fact is that they will continue to affect the employment market even after
they retire.


1.) Research Recommends “New Technology Design Agenda” Needed for Digital
Digital skills training from local authorities and charities, and a bold new
“technology design agenda” are needed to give people with sensory
impairments the full benefits of digital services and products, a new study
has claimed.

2.) New App Aims to Transform Rail Travel for Passengers with Disabilities
A free mobile app to help improve train travel around the UK for passengers
with disabilities is being tested by four rail companies, with other
operators set to begin trials before a national roll-out.

3.) Anticipated Refreshable Braille Reader Launches, Seeking to Disrupt the
The Orbit Reader 20 refreshable Braille device has been released in the UK,
aiming to transform the current market by offering the technology to blind
and visually impaired people at a low cost.

4.) Product Reviews Website Asks Consumers to Get Vocal
A consumer reviews website for people with disabilities and older people has
put a call-out for users to give their opinions on all kinds of devices and
products, helping inform other consumers before they buy.

5.) Feds Prod Universities to Address Website Accessibility
Universities are under legal pressure to make their websites fully
accessible to people with disabilities, but is “fully” even possible?

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