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If you are in the market for something to help you save time while at the
same time pop a problem; then you have come to the right place.
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Meet Vorail
(iOS, Free)

If you want to discover and be discovered then here is an app just for you.

Vorail, discover and be discovered.
* Speak to ask.
* Listen to learn.
No abuse
* Zero tolerance towards abuse. Once any user reports an abuse, the
offender is out forever.
Relax and enjoy

* An old Chinese saying “Apart from birth and death, nothing is a big deal
in life.” Relax, really. There is nothing to lose. To use the service, no
photo/profile/phone number is required. Let the true you emerge.

Don’t give up
* Some people may feel a little disoriented in the first couple of
sessions, because, hey, it’s like being in the dark room. Don’t give up,
you will get through it.

VoiceOver implementation:
* magic tap on home feed moves focus to next person
* magic tap on IM screen to start record, the magic tap again to stop /
save recording
* magic tap on record screen to start recording, then magic tap again to
stop / recording
* four finger tap to access tabs
* rotor action to select actions for each voice on home feed

Current Version: 1.53 (February 25, 2016)
Read Vorail’s AppleVis iOS App Directory entry for more information
Visit Vorail’s App Store page

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