Helpful tips for December 2018 – great info for all ages

Helpful tips for December 2018

Happy holidays everyone and a merry Christmas to all!
We thank you for continuing to read our monthly tips and we wish you the
very best for 2019.

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

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General tips
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Especially for the holidays:
It is better not to conduct your online transactions on an unsecured wi-fi.
Better to interact with those websites with the https rather than with
those that use the http.

Perfect Coffee Tips
What goes better with morning sweets than the perfect cup of Java? Here are
some helpful tips for better brewing:
Keep coffee in an air tight container and store in a cool, dark place. Try
the freezer! For best results, buy the whole beans and grind them yourself
just before use.
If you notice any traces of chlorine, iron, or other minerals in your water,
use a quality bottled or filtered water.
* Softened or distilled water will effect the flavor of the
coffee and should not be used.
It’s said the best water-to-coffee ratio is 1 tablespoon of ground coffee or
2 tablespoons of whole beans for each 6 ounces of water. You be the judge.
Boiling or reheating coffee literally boils away flavor.
A thermal carafe will keep the coffee hot for up to 2 hours without losing
any flavor.
The cream or sugar is a matter of preference so you’re on your own there.

What are some of the most painful spots for your dog?
The nose and the tail.
A tap on your dog’s nose could be very painful.
If you pull your dog’s tail you can also cause much pain to them.

Twitter and Facebook?
The mobile versions are more accessible and easier to navigate.

Flu season!
Please do not forget to wash your hands each time you return home.
Avoid touching your facial area with unwashed hands!

Okay, some vitamin tips:
Vitamin D is the perfect one to take during the winter months when the sun
shines least.
Be careful when taking calcium vitamins.
Too much of an intake and you could easily become constipated.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning China
Tea stains can be removed safely from fine china by rubbing gently with a
cloth sprinkled with baking soda or salt.
China with gold borders needs special care when washing. Never use hot
water, only warm and don’t rub detergent on the gold areas.
To prevent your unbordered china plates from cracking when washing in hot
water, slide them into the water sideways. This will distribute the heat
evenly throughout the plate.
To avoid cracking, china dishes and bowls should always be warmed before
placing hot contents on them.
If your fine china plates have developed thin, spider cracks in them, place
them in a pan of warm milk for 30 minutes. The cracks should disappear!
To remove black cutlery marks from the glazed surface of your fine china
plates, apply some toothpaste to a clean soft cloth and rub the marks
Place paper doilies or napkins between stacked fine china plates to
eliminate scratching. The rubber rings from preserve jars also work well as
dividers between your china plates.
China cups shouldn’t be stacked on top of each other. They’ll chip that way.
Instead, suspend them from cup hooks under your cupboard shelf.
To check if china is flawed, hold the item in the palm of your hand and tap
it lightly with a pencil. Unflawed china will have a clear bell-like ring.
Flawed china will have a dull ring or no resonance at all.


Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Glassware
Always slip delicate glassware and crystal into hot water on its side. Place
a rubber mat on the bottom of your sink for extra protection against
cracking and chipping.
Vinegar cleans crystal beautifully. Wash in a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar
and 3 cups warm water. Allow to air-dry.
When two glasses are stuck together, fill the top glass with cold water and
submerge the bottom glass in hot water. Gently pull the top glass away.
When pouring a hot beverage into a glass, you can often prevent it from
cracking if you keep a silver spoon in the glass while pouring.
To remove burned remains from heat-resistant glass baking dishes, warm some
liquid dish soap and allow it to sit in the item for 30 minutes or so. Rinse
well with clean water.


From the pages of Donna’s diary
Hotel rooms

As a regular traveler who is vision impaired, I believe that it is so
important for me to ensure that I am able to navigate my hotel room easily
and quickly. The one thing that I would say that it is helpful to know that
the majority of hotel rooms seem to be laid out in the same way and now it
is up to me to decide what I need to find and know.

First, to make sure that I locate wall outlets so that I can plug in my
iDevice and computer. Next, to find the close closet so that I can hang up
my clothes.

When I enter the bathroom, I make sure to locate the wash basin, towels,
toilet bowl, and bath tub and shower. I check out the various cosmetics on
the counter of the wash basin but nine out of 10 times it is not very easy
to decipher what is in each tube so I make use of the soap and bring my own
cosmetics along.

There are two other things that I make sure to do before settling in. The
first is to obtain the password for the hotel’s wi-fi and the other is to
ensure that I am able to decipher the number on the door of my room.

I usually put tape on the door of my room. This after I have asked the
porter to tell me how many doors I am away from the elevator and then I put
masking tape on the door just above the handle.

I recently bought a set of luggage locator tags and I plan on using one of
these to hang on the inside handle of my door when next I travel.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan enjoying my travels.

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