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Welcome to the October 2018 edition of AppleVis Unlimited, our monthly
newsletter which aims to highlight what’s new and noteworthy on the AppleVis
website. Below, you’ll find a selection of the best content posted to
AppleVis – from new app entries, to app updates, to the latest news and
podcasts. For easier navigation, the major sections of this post are at
heading level 3, and each individual item is at heading level 4.

…. New and Noteworthy App Entries

1. Blindfold Doggy (iOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Blindfold Doggy is a fully accessible dog ownership simulation game, for
both sighted and visually impaired people, designed for rapid audio play.
The object of the game is care for your dog: the better you care for your
dog, the more points you’ll score.

After learning the sounds your dog makes when he needs something, you must
take care of your dog: feed him, walk him, give him water, brush him and
play with him.

For example, to walk your dog, put on his collar and leash, open the door
and start walking: swipe down with one finger. Each down swipe takes you one
step further from home. Each up swipe takes you one step closer to home.
When you leave the house for a walk, the front door automatically closes
behind you. To go back inside, walk back to the door and open it. Make sure
you close the door, or your dog may run away.

Once you’ve mastered taking care of one dog, try taking care of two. It’s
much harder!

Then try the adventure game – go shopping for new toys and food, and take
your dog to the veterinarian for routine checkups.

The game comes with limited play before you run out of food. To get
unlimited play, or other options, use the in-app upgrades.

Current Version: 1.5.5 (October 26, 2018)
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Visit Blindfold Doggy’s App Store page

2. Dwell – Audio Bible App (iOS, Free With In-App Purchases)

Fall in love with listening to the Bible.

Listening has been our focus from the beginning. Our app offers 4 brand new
recordings of the Bible, each showcasing a unique and inspiring voice.
We’ve also made the Bible easily explorable. Quickly access Scripture
through popular Passages, Stories, Themed Playlists, even Listening Plans.
Or listen the more traditional way, book by book.

What makes Dwell so unique is that you can switch voices and background
music on the fly without losing your place in the audio. Plus, every book,
story, playlist, and plan is accompanied by beautiful artwork. Download
Dwell and enjoy a world-class? listening experience of the most important
book in history: the Bible.

Listen free with occasional in-house ads, or get Dwell Premium.

Dwell Free: Features

* Access to 1 voice for listening to Scripture
* Hear occasional ads

Dwell Premium: Features

* Unlocks all 4 unique and inspiring voices for Scripture listening
* Interruption-free listening

Current Version: 1.2.2 (October 17, 2018)
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Visit Dwell – Audio Bible App’s App Store page

3. Out Of Tune – Live Music Game (iOS, Free)

Out Of Tune is a live music game where you compete to win a cash prize. All
you need to do is correctly guess 10 songs. The game is played every weekday
at 8p ET / 5p PT and 11p ET / 8p PT.

Current Version: 1.0.14 (October 28, 2018)
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