Let’s Talk Tips for Thursday, November 1st 2018 – Volume 2

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Let’s Talk Tips for Thursday, November 1st 2018 – Volume 2
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This month in Let’s Talk Tips:


1.) How to Check if Your Facebook Account Got Hacked – And How Badly
Following the bombshell disclosure made by Facebook last month that as many
as 90 million of its users may have had their access tokens stolen by
hackers, this article from Wired tells you how to see if you were one of
them, and if so, what the hackers got from your account.

2.) Apple Watch Embraces USB-C With New Charging Cable
Charge your Watch from your MacBook and maybe new iPad Pro. Continuing its
move towards embracing USB Type-C, Apple has released a charging cable for
the Apple Watch that uses the new connectivity standard, via Apple Insider.

3.) Apple Announces iPad Pro and Mac Event for October 30th 2018
Apple isn’t done with product events for 2018. On October 18th 2018 the
company issued media invites for an October 30th 2018 event in Brooklyn, New
York where it’s widely expected we’ll see new iPad Pro tablets and
potentially several updates to the Mac lineup.

4.) Microsoft + Github Moves Forward
Microsoft’s upcoming $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub has cleared another
major hurdle: the EU has approved the deal after determining that there are
no antitrust concerns in Microsoft buying the popular open-source software
repository, via the Financial Times.

5.) Apple Watch Controls Drone
Skydio’s self-flying drone can now be controlled using just an Apple Watch.
Skydio, the California-based drone maker that specializes in self-flying
software, announced a new update on October 17th 2018 that will let owners
of its R1 drone launch, control, and even manually fly the drone entirely
from an Apple Watch.


1.) Diabetes Type 2 Exercise Tips
Try these easy exercise tips to help keep your blood sugar levels low.

2.) Training and Nutrition Tips from Pro Mountain Biker Kate Courtney
The 22-year-old shares her “food podium” picks and a daily recovery habit
(that doesn’t involve eating or training).

3.) 5 Simple 10 Minute Workouts To Improve Weight Loss
Don’t have time for the gym? Try these 5 simple 10-minute workouts to burn
belly fat, tone legs and improve weight loss.

4.) Diets Bad. Habits Good.
Weight loss and crash diets beware, yo-yo dieting can give you belly fat. Or
worse. Use these 6 simple tips to lose weight.

5.) Beginner Fitness Tips
5 tips to succeed in your workouts if you’re just starting out by Taylor
Hynes, a certified strength and conditioning coach and director of Player
Performance and Wellness for the FC UNITED and Team ONE lacrosse clubs.


1.) Facebook Dissects The Art of Fake News In New Series
Facebook has introduced the ‘Hunt for False News’ series in an attempt to be
transparent about misinformation. Antonia Woodford, product manager at
Facebook, published the first “Hunt for False News” blog post on October
19th 2018, examining three false stories that circulated on the site before
they were debunked.

2.) Google Quietly Redesigns YouTube Video Embeds
YouTube is constantly changing up various aspects of its design, and we’ve
noticed that the platform has quietly made a big change recently. YouTube
video embeds now have a clean new look that offers up some handy new
shortcuts as well.

3.) In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter Go Worldwide
In a small but significant change for social media marketers Twitter is once
again expanding its ad options. As of October 1st 2018, in-stream Twitter
video ads can be viewed by users around the world. Previously, publishers
could only monetize videos in their own regional markets. This move isn’t
too surprising, since according to the latest Twitter performance report,
video ads remain their fastest-growing ad format.

4.) Looking Back at Google+
Google+ is shutting down at last. Google announced on October 8th 2018 that
it’s sunsetting its consumer-facing social network due to lack of user and
developer adoption, low usage and engagement. Oh, and a data leak. It even
revealed how poorly the network is performing, noting that 90 percent of
Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds long. Yikes.

5.) SnapChat + Amazon = Snap That Into My Cart
Ecommerce through Snapchat? Who would’ve thought? Snap users can now use
their cameras to scan barcodes or take pictures of items they want to buy.
The app will then open a small on-screen card that will show the product’s
name, price, thumbnail image, average review score, and Prime availability.
When tapped, that card will redirect them to Amazon to complete the
purchase. Social ecommerce is heating up – and it looks like Instagram and
Pinterest have found a competitor after all. (This feature only available in
the US at the moment).


1.) Houston’s Senior Housing Construction Rush Came Too Soon
Senior housing developers and experts at Bisnow’s Houston Senior Housing:
The Silver Tsunami event at The Westin Thursday said the city is five to
seven years away from its “silver tsunami” — the boom spurred by the baby
boomer generation — and the metro is now faced with a temporary slowdown of
senior housing development.

2.) Outpatient Home Therapy Market New Business Opportunities and Investment
Research Report
Every market has a skeleton of its own, and this published report too
includes a detailed skeleton for the Outpatient Home Therapy market.

3.) Fujitsu “Live Talk”
Fujitsu announced on October 1st 2018 that it is providing its Fujitsu
Software LiveTalk for use in Kikkoman Corporation’s restaurant, Kikkoman
Live Kitchen Tokyo, set to open November 1st 2018. LiveTalk translates to a
customer’s preferred language in real-time and displays it as text on
multiple mobile devices.

4.) Meals on Wheels VANTAGE Merger
To address community needs, the nonprofit agency announced on October 2nd
2018 that it will be merging with VANTAGE Aging. Conversations of a possible
merger began nearly two years ago, said Dawn Moeglin, director of community
engagement at VANTAGE. It all started with a simple question: How can we
work together?

5.) Good News For Sports Based Startups
Dentsu and Scrum Ventures Inspire Global Startups with Sports Technology.
Dentsu Inc. has announced it and Scrum Ventures LLC, a US-based venture
capital firm, will co-host the SPORTS TECH TOKYO in 2019 in Japan and the
U.S. This acceleration program originates in Japan and aims to help the
growth of sports-based startups gathering from all over the world and
provide opportunities to companies in need of open innovation.


1.) No Blind People In Trump Tower
Donald Trump Ordered Illegal Removal of Braille Because ‘No Blind People are
Going to Live in Trump Tower’:

2.) Senators Urge the DOJ to Weigh in on ADA Impact on Websites
A pair of U.S. senators from Iowa say it’s unclear whether the landmark
Americans with Disabilities Act transcends the physical world into the cyber

3.) Accessible Learning
Accessibility must be more than an add-on to online pedagogy. How accessible
is online learning?

4.) Live Show Access Barriers
Disabled music fans were asked to get vocal about access barriers at live
shows. New research works to make live events more accessible for people
with disabilities.

5.) Will Braille survive?
Can Braille survive in a smartphone world? The number of Braille readers has
decreased significantly in the last 50 years.

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