How to help renovators become more aware – how you can increase your revenues

Hello everyone:
Each month I will be responding to a question; chosen from a pool of some of
the most commonly asked ones that I have been asked over the years and
continue to be asked.
This month, I’d like to answer the following question:
How to help renovators become more aware

There is never any shortage of suggestions for helping renovators to become
more aware of things that they can do in order to make homes more usable and
accessible. I have a few suggestions to help get you started.

1. Make sure that counter tops in your kitchen and bathroom are easily
reachable by those in wheelchairs and that counters are not made too wide.

2. Place handles and knobs in positions that are easy to reach; especially
by those in wheelchairs and be sure to have them in colors that are easy to
distinguish. Additionally, these should be such that they are easy to grip.

3. All doors and walls should be painted in colors that are easy to

4. Doorways and entrances should be wide enough to accommodate walkers and

5. Switches on walls should be placed at heights that are easy to reach.

6. Your objective should be to use enough contrasts to help dwellers to
easily identify knobs, handles, and doors.

7. Shelves should be placed at comfortable and reachable heights.

8. Be sure to ensure that floors are skid proof and that bath tubs are
equipped with skid proof rubber mats.

This should be a good base from which to build other features to enhance
usability and accessibility.

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