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Meet TimeBuzz
(Apple Watch, US$0.99)

If you are looking for another way to tell the time then do we have a great
alternative for you.
Please read on!

The TimeBuzz app makes it possible to feel the current time through
vibrations of the Taptic Engine on the Apple Watch. The app is designed
especially for visually impaired people. With this app you can discretely
get to know the current time without the need for the time to be pronounced.

The app translates the time into a pattern of long and short vibrations
whereby it will first buzz the hours and then the minutes. In between every
sequence of vibrations there will be a short pause to be able to separate
the hours and minutes from each other.

Read Time Buzz’s AppleVis Watch App Directory entry for more information
Visit TimeBuzz’s page on the App Store
Listen to podcast “An In-Depth Look at TimeBuzz; an Apple Watch App that
Allows You to Tell the Time Using the Taptic Engine”

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