A review of the Jaffa restaurant

On your next visit to Trinidad, please remember to enjoy some very fine
dining here.
A review of the Jaffa restaurant
By Donna J. Jodhan
By Donna J. Jodhan

I have been a very happy diner at this great restaurant that is located in
the tiny twin Island Nation of Trinidad and Tobago.
This very popular restaurant is located in the capital City of Port of Spain
and my lunchtime dining started in 2015.

So how would I rate their services? With 1 being the lowest and 5 being the
highest, here are my ratings.
Service desk assistance – 4
Assistance for guests with special needs – 4
Assistance at restaurant – 5

Remarks :
Access to the restaurant was extremely user friendly for a vision impaired
person and navigating among the tables was not very difficult.
The buffet was easy to navigate as staff members were extremely helpful and
always ready to help me as a vision impaired diner.

About restaurant staff:
They were very observant and welcoming.

My meals:
The buffet was rich in Caribbean cuisine with a wide variety of desserts to
choose from.

Any suggestions?
I can only suggest that if you happen to travel to Trinidad, do pay this
restaurant a visit.
The prices are very affordable.

Contact info:
The Jaffa restaurant is located on Tragarete RD next to the Queen’s Park

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