Top privacy tip of the week – Protecting your birth certificate

Protecting your privacy
Each week we at the business desk will be presenting you with a tip on how
to better protect your privacy and this is our newest feature.

We are constantly striving to protect ourselves from scams and scammers, but
most of all we need to ensure that our privacy, confidentiality, and
independence are kept safe from prying eyes and those who thrive on
destroying our right to these precious commodities.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you great tips.

The business desk team


Protecting your birth certificate
Your birth certificate is probably one of the most important documents that
you will ever own.
It contains details of your date of birth and you need to ensure that you
keep this precious document in a very safe place at all times and that you
and only you and the one that you trust can access it.

If either your birth certificate or the details of your birth certificate
end up in the wrong hands; your entire private banking details, credit card
details, and social insurance number details are now exposed and then the
rest is only left to the imagination.

Suggestion: Store your birth certificate in a safety deposit box.
It is only on very rare occasions that you will be asked to produce either a
copy or the original.

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