Top privacy tip of the week – Completing and signing a cheque

Protecting your privacy
Each week we at the business desk will be presenting you with a tip on how
to better protect your privacy and this is our newest feature.

We are constantly striving to protect ourselves from scams and scammers, but
most of all we need to ensure that our privacy, confidentiality, and
independence are kept safe from prying eyes and those who thrive on
destroying our right to these precious commodities.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you great tips.

The business desk team


Completing and signing a cheque
To be on the safe side, you have two alternatives.
You can either ask a trusted family member or friend to help with this
Or go to your bank branch and ask a staff member to help you.
Remember; your banking details must be protected at all times and if they
end up in the wrong hands then this can only spell huge problems for you.
Your cheque usually contains your first and last name, address, and bank
account number.

When you complete a cheque you are filling in the date, to whom the cheque
is being made, and the amount in dollars and digits.

You need to be absolutely comfortable when asking someone other than a
banking officer to assist you with this.
There are some banks that issue raised line cheques. However, the problem
here is that if you choose to use these, you will need to ensure that your
pen’s ink is good and that what you think you are printing/writing is
actually appearing on the cheque.

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