Helpful tips for August 2018

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Helpful tips for August 2018

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
Courtesy of the research team at

Here is some great info when dealing with paint smells:
If you are painting around the home and you wish to minimize the smells,
then all you need to do is to place bowls of water close to where you are
painting and voila!
The smells will dissipate markedly.

Trying to remove unwanted odours from closets and cupboards?
Place a small container of a mixture of water and a few drops of vinigar in
cupboard or closet.
You would be amazed to smell the difference.

Here is a way to warm small pies, pastries, and quishes in your microwave:
Wrap them tightly in paper towels.
Place on a plate.
Warm for about 2 minutes.

Trying to drain grease from chicken?
Place chicken on a paper towel and let stand for an hour or so.
Voila! Grease is gone.

Honey, honey!
You can use honey to help draw infection from a cut or bruise by making a
poultice with it.


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Large Appliances
The inside of your dishwasher will be film free if you do this occasionally.
Fill dish washer with dirty dishes but make sure you have not included any
silver or other metals. Place a bowl with 1 /2 cup of bleach on the
bottom rack and allow the machine to run through the wash cycle only. Fill
the same bowl with 1 /2 cup of vinegar and this time allow the machine to
run through a full cycle.
A quick way to get rid of those yellow stains in your dishwasher is to first
allow your empty machine to fill for a wash. Then add a package of flavored
orange crystals (the kind you make orange drinks out of) and
allow the wash and rinse cycle to complete.
When spills occur in the oven, sprinkle with table salt. When the oven is
cool, wipe up the salt. It will absorb the drippings.
To dislodge baked-on spills, apply a paste of baking soda and water, with a
little elbow grease!
Or place a small dish of ammonia on the upper rack and a pan of water on the
lower rack of a still-warm oven. Leave for ten to twelve hours or overnight.
Air oven and wipe grease away with an all-purpose cleaner
and warm water. An inexpensive way of oven cleaning.
Prevention is better than cure! Avoid oven spills by placing casseroles and
pies on a cookie sheet or in a larger pie plate.
Allow oven racks to soak in the tub while you’re working on the inside of
the oven.
Rubbing alcohol shines oven tops beautifully.
Household ammonia diluted with water to half strength makes an excellent
oven-top cleaner.
To tackle that brown-stained oven window, make a paste of water and baking
soda. Simply coat the inside of the window with the mixture, leave for 10
minutes and then rinse off with water.
For a quick and simple method of cleaning the microwave oven, wet a
dishcloth and place in the center of your microwave. Turn on high and allow
the cloth to sort of cook for about 30 to 40 seconds. The steam that
this creates will help loosen any hardened spills and you can use the heated
cloth to wipe the inside clean. Be careful. The cloth will be really hot!
To freshen up and deodorize your microwave, place a bowl of water in the
oven and add 3 or 4 slices of lemon. Cook on high for 30 seconds.
Freshen up the inside of your refrigerator by wiping periodically with a
cloth moistened with vinegar, a great way to prevent mildew.
A little dab of vanilla, lemon or orange extract on a small pad of cotton
will keep the refrigerator smelling sweet.
Baking soda will keep odors away for several months. Just open the box and
place on a middle shelf.
Many common fridge odors may be removed by placing a small tub filled with
charcoal briquettes in the middle rack of your fridge. Every so often, you
might want to revitalize the briquettes by heating them mildly in
a cast-iron pan on the stove.
Should you own a fridge whose freezer is not self-defrosting, wipe the
inside of the freezer compartment with a cloth dampened with glycerin. When
it’s time to defrost again, the chunks of ice will drop without effort.
Keep white appliances sparkling clean and prevent yellowing by washing with
a mixture of 1 /2 cup of bleach, 8 cups of water and 1 /2 cup of baking
soda. Rinse well.


Courtesy of Mama Peach
Cleaning Small Appliances
When cleaning your blender, add a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the
blender container. Fill halfway with hot tap water and blend. Instantly
Prevent messy splatters when using electric mixers by covering the bowl
securely with foil. Punch holes in the foil for the beater shafts and beat
Use vegetable oil to lubricate egg beaters for an easy cleanup. Or lubricate
with glycerin before using.
Run a piece of waxed paper through a can-opener to keep it operating
smoothly. Works with manual can openers too.
Clean your kettle periodically by boiling equal parts vinegar and water in
it. Let it sit overnight and rinse well in the morning. The lime deposits
will wash away. Or fill the kettle with water, sprinkle some cream of
tartar into it and let it boil.
Give your coffeemaker a treat every so often. Clean it by filling the
reservoir with water and adding 2 tablespoons of water softener. Run the
machine through its cycle.
To remove caked-on grease from an electric frying pan, cover the surface of
the pan with baking soda. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so and then rub with
a wet cloth. Rinse with warm water.
A quick and efficient way to clean your meat grinder is to take a raw potato
and run it through the grinder. Great for electric and hand grinders.
To clean your garbage disposer and sharpen the blades at the same time, fill
ice cube trays with equal parts water and vinegar. When frozen, drop the
cubes into the disposer and turn it on.
For garbage disposer odors, pour in a cup of vinegar and then immediately
run the cold water tap for 2 or 3 minutes.


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
No wheelchair for me

This is probably one of the most persistent irritants that most blind and
partially sighted travelers face on a continual basis and especially so at
an airport. For me, it is definitely so and the one thing that I find is
that if I want to be able to choose how I wish to travel then persistence,
patience, and poise are the three things that I’ll suggest.

If any customer service rep at an airport insists that it is easier for you
to sit in a wheelchair, then you need to say no! That is if you believe
that you are more comfortable being offered an arm as guiding assistance as
opposed to being pushed in a wheelchair.

If you believe that as a blind passenger you are better served being
escorted rather than being pushed in a wheelchair, then you need to be
persistent and not give in.

Of course, there are many blind and partially sighted travelers who may very
well prefer to accept wheelchair services but these are just my thoughts for

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