Privacy tip of the week – Applying for health cards

Protecting your privacy
Each week we at the business desk will be presenting you with a tip on how
to better protect your privacy and this is our newest feature.

We are constantly striving to protect ourselves from scams and scammers, but
most of all we need to ensure that our privacy, confidentiality, and
independence are kept safe from prying eyes and those who thrive on
destroying our right to these precious commodities.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing you great tips.

The business desk team


Applying for health cards
This applies mainly to Canada but it may be generic enough for you to use in
your home country.

This time, and if you do not have a trusted person to help you, give a call
to your provincial MPP’s office.
If you do not know their number, then follow these steps.
Phone 1800 622 6232 and ask for the number of your Federal MP.
Upon obtaining this number call it and ask for the number of your provincial
Then call this number and explain what you are attempting to do.
Tell them that you are vision impaired and that you need assistance to
obtain your health card.
Tell them exactly what you need; you need to know what documentation you
need to take, where to go, and if possible to find someone who can go with
you if you do not have a trusted person to go with you.

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