How to make take out restaurants more accessible

Hello everyone:
Each month I will be responding to a question; chosen from a pool of some of
the most commonly asked ones that I have been asked over the years and
continue to be asked.
This month, I’d like to answer the following question:
How to make take out restaurants more accessible

The thing to keep in mind is that with each passing year, the number of
consumers who are seniors and those with a disability is only going to
increase and why? It all has to do with the aging process which cannot be
avoided or halted.

So to get you started, here are some tips for you.

1. Make sure that your counters are easy to access and reach. That is, that
from sidewalk to counter it is easy to find and that for especially those in
wheelchairs, these counters are placed at a reachable height so that
communication between customer and staff can be easyily attained.

2. That staff are appropriately trained to be able to communicate not just
in the customer’s language but also that they are able to carry out
conversations in an articulate and fluent manner.

3. That staff are appropriately trained to be able to serve those customers
who have a disability; vision impaired, hard of hearing, or those with a
mental or learning difficulty.

4. That staff are prepared and willing and ready to assist those seniors who
need help to maneuver their take out cartoons and trays.

5. That the entrances to your take out establishments and exits from your
establishments are accessible; that is, that they are easy to find, easy to
navigate through, and easy to access.

This should be a great basis on which to build your accessibility platform.

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