Helpful tips for April 2018

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Helpful tips for April 2018

In this issue:

General tips
Articles of the day
From the pages of Donna’s travel diary

General tips
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Prices for indirect flights versus prices for direct flights?
Believe it or not, the cost to book an indirect flight to your destination
is cheaper!

When cooking muscles:
As soon as you see the shells open up in your pot of boiling water, it means
that your muscles are cooked.

When you book your stay at a hotel:
Your credit card is not charged until you have completed your stay.

Some very interesting info on Measles:
It can cause blindness, swelling of the brain, and in extreme cases even
In countries such as Italy, Rumania, and the Ukraine; the rise in cases of
measles is growing.
Cases in Germany and Greece are also growing.

For those who shed tears whenever they are pealing onions!
If you are looking for a way to stop this then you can try this!
Put your onions in the fridge for about an hour or so before pealing it.

What are the three most important types of insurances that you should never
leave home without when embarking on an overseas trip?
Here they are!
Travel, medical, and cancellation.

This one is for our kids:
Brush your teeth daily,
eat healthy,
and visit the dentest regularly.
This should help you to keep your teeth well into adulthood.

About Vanilla and orange:
They are among the top 3 most popular flavours according to the food


Articles of the day
Chosen by the Business Desk team

Make It Yourself: Copper Cleaner, Aluminum
Cleaner and Dishwasher Detergent, Too
By Mary Hunt on 08/15/16

There are so many good reasons to make your own household cleaners.
It’s cheaper, healthier and greener, too. The homemade household cleaners I
share with you from time to time do not
contain chemicals. That means you can always count on them to be non-toxic.
Copper Cleaner
6 tablespoons table salt
6 tablespoons flour
white vinegar
Make a paste of equal parts salt and flour with a few tablespoons of white
Apply to copper item with a soft cloth and rub gently to remove tarnish.
Rinse with water and dry.
Cleaning aluminum containers:
Most aluminum is best washed by hand with dishwashing liquid to
prevent a change in color and feel of the metal. When washed in a
dishwasher, aluminum cookware and other items like these
canisters can react and darken due
to mineral content in the water, chemicals in the detergent or high heat
from the dryer. In most cases, this change in
appearance is not permanent.
I am confident that you can remove the discoloration using natural, ordinary
items such as lemon juice, vinegar or cream
of tartar (made into a paste by adding a bit
of water), depending which you have handy. Apply with a soft cloth or
Never steel wool or anything other type of abrasive applicator that can
scratch the
aluminum. Rub gently, rinse with warm water and buff dry with a clean, soft
cloth. Any of these options should remove the
discoloration and provide fast, effective results without damaging the
recipe for homemade automatic dishwasher
The following recipe has met with mixed reviews, due to (I believe) how hard
the water is. Experimenting
with it will not do harm, but your results may vary depending on this one
variable. Provided you do not have a home water
softener system in place, give this a try.
Mix together equal parts borax and baking soda. Store in a dry place in a
container that has a tightly fitting life. To
use: Add 2 tablespoons to the detergent holding area (measure it, don’t just
dump some in). Also, instead of a commercial
rinse aid,
you can fill that reservoir with white distilled vinegar.
Caution: Do not use this homemade dishwasher detergent if your home has a
water softener system in place. The reaction between that system and this
homemade detergent could permanently etch glassware.
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* The Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide
A few days ago I got a message, which reminded me about wonders of an
ordinary product most people have somewhere in the house.
“I had a cut on my hand that opened up while I was putting my expensive
duvet cover (recent wedding gift!) on my comforter, now I have blood stains
where I touched it. Is there any hope to getting these stains out
completely? I tried using a carpet cleaning solution and washing it but,
those stains
remain. I’m worried these
stains will be there permanently. Thanks so much for your help! Georgia
I responded immediately, directing Georgia to soak the stains with
full-strength hydrogen peroxide, In hopes that she’d not set those stains
forever. I
heard back quickly. The hydrogen peroxide lightened the stains almost
immediately, and within hours they disappeared completely. See what I mean?
The stuff is downright wonderful.
Hydrogen peroxide is as harmless as it is powerful both as a household
and all around remedy. It is non-toxic, safe, really cheap and available in
any grocery or drug store in a food grade 3% dilution. It’s a wonderful
product and reliable sanitizer.
But there’s one thing you need to keep it mind to avoid disappointment:
Hydrogen peroxide has a limited shelf life of about one year when not
and only six months once opened—provided you store it in a dark place.
Sunlight dissipates it quickly turning it from H2O2 to plain water and
Just remember it needs to be fresh to be effective.
VEGETABLE WASH. You can stop paying $7 or more for “veggie wash.” Make
your own by adding 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide to a sink of cold water. Wash
your fruit and vegetables in the solution then rinse thoroughly with cool
DISHWASHER. To disinfect your dishwasher, add 1/4 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
before you close the door to run a load.
CUTTING BOARD SANITIZER. Spray your cutting board with undiluted hydrogen
peroxide. Allow to sit for a minute or two, then rinse clean.
WHITE TEETH. Make a paste of table salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
for the best whitening toothpaste.
T-SHIRT ARMPIT STAINS. Those yellow stains in white t-shirts are quite
annoying. To get them out soak the stains in 3% hydrogen peroxide, which
acts as a natural alternative to bleach, and allow to sit for a few hours.
Lauder as usual.
SANITIZE TOYS AND LUNCH BOXES. Because hydrogen peroxide is a non-toxic
sanitizer, it’s perfect for cleaning plastic toys and lunch boxes.
HUMIDIFIER CLEANSE. Add 2 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide to one gallon water.
Run this through your humidifier or steamer to clean and sanitize the
STINKY TOWELS. Can’t get rid of that annoying odor? Try this: Add 1/2 cup
hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup white vinegar and those stinky towels to the
washing machine. Fill with hot water and your regular detergent and allow to
soak for 15 minutes Continue the cycle as normal. That should get rid of the
AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE. Use hydrogen peroxide sparingly to control fungi
and other pests in fish aquariums. Provided you do use it sparingly, it will
not harm the fish.
CUTS AND INFECTIONS. Soak any infection or cut in 3% hydrogen peroxide for
ten minutes several times a day.
I could go on and on with so many more ways to use hydrogen peroxide, and
perhaps I will sometime in the future. In the meantime, make sure you keep a
good supply of hydrogen peroxide on hand.
(Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate)


From the pages of Donna’s travel diary
Don’t leave home without your passport

It will definitely not pay for you to leave home without your passport these
days and it all has to do with the much increased security especially at

Thank goodness it has never happened to me and I do not plan to ever let it
happen. The next time you take a trip whether it be by air, sea, or by
train, please remember to pack your passport before anything else.

I’ll also add that for me personally it does not matter whether or not I am
traveling domestically or internationally. I just like to be rather safe
than sorry and this is why I pack my passport any time I travel.

I pack it in a place that is easy to access and one that is easy to remember
where I have put it. Whenever I am approaching the security area, I pull it
out and hold it in my hand until it is safe to put it away. That is, that I
no longer need it.

So for airport travel; get ready to show your passport at the check in
counter, at security, and just before you board the aircraft. Of course,
you’ll need to show it again upon arrival if you are on an international

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