disabling edge in windows ten

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disabling edge in windows ten
Recently a friend sent me a small utility that will disable Edge in Windows
Ten and has an option to place a shortcut for Internet on the desktop.
This file will require sighted help for a visually impaired computer user.
When activating the program by tapping enter or clicking on it,
There are tw buttons and one checkbox.
The first button is for disabling Edge.
The next button is for reversing that process.
The checkbox ix for placine an Internet Explore shortcuton the desktop.
I am sending this utility along with the extention changed to xxx.
Here is how to save the attachment and change the extention back to exe.
I am using Outlook Ten for this set of directions and Windows Seven as the
operating system. The same would apply for a Windows Ten operating system.
1. With this newsletter opened, press shift plus tab to reach the list of
attachments in the message.
2. Arrow to the right until reaching “EdgeBlock.xxx”.
3. Press the application key or shift plus 10.
4. Tab to “save as.”
5. Tap enter.
6. Press shift plus tab twice.
6. Navigate to where you wish to put this file and hit enter.
7. Navigate to where you saved the file.
8. Highlight the file just downloaded.
9. Press f2.
10. Press the end of line key.
11. Backspace until reaching the period. Make sure the period stays in the
file name.
12. Type in exe and hit enter.
The file extention is now changed back. You may be asked if you aresure
about changing this file name. Hit enter on okay.
Now you can run the program.

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