Top article of the week – “fda resumes testing foods for weed killer, safety questions grow”

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“fda resumes testing foods for weed killer, safety questions grow”
“fda resumes testing foods for weed killer, safety questions grow”
“the food and drug administration (fda) has resumed its first-ever endeavor
to evaluate how much of a controversial chemical is making its way into the
u.s. food supply. and the tests can’t come soon enough as safety
concerns about the herbicide known as glyphosate grow.
the fda, the nation’s chief food safety regulator, launched what it calls a
‘special assignment’ last year to analyze certain foods for glyphosate
residues after the agency was criticized by the u.s. government
office for failing to include glyphosate in annual testing programs that
look for many less-used pesticides in foods. but the agency scuttled the
testing after only a few months amid disagreement and difficulties with
establishing a standard methodology to use across the agency’s multiple
u.s. laboratories, according to fda sources.
many observers suspected the suspension might be politically motivated
because it came after one fda chemist found glyphosate in several samples
of u.s. honey and oatmeal products, including baby food. as well, private
organizations have detected glyphosate residues in an array of food
products. in april the canadian food inspection agency reported that it
found glyphosate residues – mostly in small amounts – in roughly 30 percent
of foods it
tested. the u.s. department of agriculture had intended to start testing
some food samples for glyphosate in april of this year, agency documents
obtained through freedom of information act requests show. but the agency
decided to abandon that plan.”
author: carey gillam writer for huff post/u.s.
right to know june 7, 2017.

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