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Five Very Useful Websites to Simplify Your Life

As vast and overwhelming as the Internet can be at times, it does offer so
many ways to improve our lives.
Today I want to tell you about five websites that have the potential to
simplify your life, whether you need to figure out how to use that huge crop
of basil growing in your herb garden or find the perfect dress for your
daughter’s wedding.


One of the best tips I know for cutting the cost of healthy, fresh food
is to buy only during a fruit or vegetable’s “peak season.” Items
at their peak are far more plentiful, which typically causes the prices to
drop because of supply and demand. But how can you know for certain if say,
cherries, are at their peak? offers a simple way to find out. Go to the site and
scroll down and click on the Seasonable Food Guide graphic. Now select your
state and month. Or you can select an exact produce item, to discover its
peak season where you live. This handy online tool will also offer more
information on every type of produce you can imagine such as what to look
for, how to store and recipes, too.

This simple but effective app allows you to quickly
remove the background from any image or photo. This is a feature of Adobe
Photoshop, but that program costs hundreds of dollars! Anyone can use
Background Burner for no cost at all.
The instructions for Background Burner are easy to follow and the process is
Best of all the price is quite right (free) as well!

Whether for a prom, wedding or another fancy occasion,
buying a formal gown or even a simple dress can be mind-bogglingly
Now you can forget about buying it and rent it, instead. offers 65,000 designer dresses and accessories for rent,
at quite amazing prices, starting at under $50 plus $12.95 shipping. And we’re
talking designer labels and high fashion. So many beautiful options.And get
this: When you rent a dress you get a free backup size. Returning is easy
and they even send you a pre-paid mailing envelope.
Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a gown they will wear once—then
have to clean it, store it and feel guilty about having spent $400 for it—
instead of renting for a fraction of the price and letting someone else
clean and store it?
For those of us who are fashion and budget conscious, this is a great

This is a fantastic calendar, shopping list, journal and
message center to be shared with everyone in the family. Sign up is a cinch.
You can access your shared account from any computer or mobile phone. No
matter where or how you access Cozi Family Organizer, you’ll always be
looking at the same information. Everyone posts their appointments.
Cozi Family Organizer will keep you from buying eggs twice and make sure you
don’t schedule a baby shower on top of your daughter’s soccer game.


Looking for your next book? Check out what your friends have read and what
they thought with GoodReads. GoodReads allows you to scan book
barcodes to add to your “to read” list so you’ll never reach the end of one
book without having another on deck.
Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.
“Knowledge is power, and power is best shared among readers.”

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