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No More Bad Hair Days

A recent post in which I wailed and whined about my very bad hair day
started it. You may recall how I mentioned volumizing, styling techniques
and a great can of hairspray. That brought an avalanche of desperate
queries, suggesting to me
that perhaps I’m not the only one dealing with an occasional bad hair day!

Which volumizer? Hairspray? What? Where?!
Not long after we visited the world of shampoos and conditioners. That
stirred up lots more questions and very specific ones as in exactly which
So today, I’ve decided to tell. Exactly. Specifically. And trust me whenI
that I’ve tested many—none of which are sponsored, all of which I buy
(From time to time I see these products at stores like Walgreens, King
Soopers, Target, Walmart, but never all of them at the same time in the same
on Amazon. I am convinced that overall, Amazon consistently has the best
1. SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Currently, I’m using Tigi Bed Head Moisture
Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner because I got them on a terrific sale. My
hair is dry, I live in a dry climate, my hair is (surprise!) color-treated
and both are very gentle. These bottles are huge and since I get at least 4
days out of a hairstyle,
they will last me a very long time. About $30 for both.
2. STYLING CREAM. Just a tiny amount of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1
Styling Treatment that I work well into my wet hair softens my hair and
creates shine without weighing it down. This really makes blowing dry so
much easier, too. I’m convinced this helps my hairdo to be revivable for 4
days (seriously, I don’t shampoo daily) without losing its shape and
manageability. Love this stuff. About
3. VOLUMIZING MOUSSE. Next I squirt just a small amount of Got2b Fat-Tastic
Thickening Plumping Mousse (about the size of a ping pong ball—not too much,
go easy) into my hands and distribute this through my hair at the roots
using my fingers—but only at the crown, back and sides; not the bang area
because I don’t want large volume ‘80s bangs. Creates fabulous volume
without adding weight or making my hair feel greasy. About $8.50.
4. TEXTURE. Once my hair is dry and it’s the way I want it, I grab a dab of
Living Proof Amp2 Instant Texture Volumizer. Using my fingers, I work this
stuff all through my dry and styled hair. It sets the style and makes it so
easy to do the final styling, which I do with my fingers. What I love is
that it stays touchable (never frozen of stiff) and lets me give it that
“piece-y” look. It really does create visual
texture and that’s what I’m going for. About $17.
5. HAIRSPRAY. In my lifetime I’m sure I have tried out every kind of
hairspray known to womankind. I even hold the distinction of having the hair
and makeup woman on the Leeza Gibbons Show tell me I had bullet-proof
hair—that’s how stiff it was. She came this close to needing a jackhammer to
get me ready for show time. She introduced me to Shaper by Sebastian, which
I used for years. But I have a new favorite. I have found The One and its
name is Kenra Volume Spray #25. This hairspray has everything I want: Great
hold, dries instantly, very
lightweight and—the best part—it is brushable. I spray once in the morning
(it takes so little to get the job done) and that’s it for the entire day.
Then I brush it all out right before bed. It is fabulous. About $18.
6. HAIR DRYER. It’s not the least expensive, but the T3 Featherweight 2 Hair
Dryer is the best, in my opinion. This is a high-end, salon-quality dryer.
It produces the two things I need most in a dryer: high heat and high power.
It dries my hair fast without drying out my hair. It really is the perfect
blend of beauty and function
for so many reasons you can read about. About $200. (This dryer is currently
available at Costco for $90, a great deal for club members.)

There they are, the six hair products I use, love and depend on to keep bad
hair days at bay!

Author: By Mary Hunt on 06/16/17


If Your Phone Rings Once and stops
How scammers are sticking victims with fraudulent phone use charges

If your phone rings and then stops, do not call back! How scammers are
sticking victims with fraudulent charges

I got this from Kim Komando, a trusted computer expert. Just passing it

How scammers are sticking victims with fraudulent charges

What’s happening is, scammers are auto-dialing potential victims all across
the U.S. Instead of waiting for the victim to answer, the scammer lets the
phone ring just once and then hangs up. By doing this, a missed call message
shows up on the victim’s cellphone.

What the fraudsters are hoping for is that the victim dials the number of
the missed call.
If you call the number, a pre-recorded message will play.
It will say something like, “Hello. You’ve reached the operator, please

Not only will you be hit with an international rate fee, but you’ll also be
charged a per-minute fee for the entire time you’re on the line.
How this works is, the incoming number looks like it’s a typical U.S. phone
number with a three-digit area code.
However, the number is spoofed and is actually going to international
numbers that are set up to charge anyone who calls them.
What you need to do now
With so many phone scams these days, it’s a good idea to just not answer
calls from unknown numbers.
If you receive a one-ring hang up call, definitely do NOT call the number
If someone you don’t know is trying to reach you with an important message
let them leave a voicemail. Even if they leave a contact number in a
voicemail you should be cautious. Do an online search of the phone number
before calling to see if there are warnings of a scam associated with it.
Here is a list of three-digit area codes that are known to be associated
with this one-ring scam:

list of 10 items
list end
Again, if you see a missed call message with one of the area codes listed
above, do not call the number back. Receiving one of these scam calls will
only cost you if you dial the return number.
If you think that you have received one of these missed calls and dialed the
return number, there are a couple things that you need to do.

list of 2 items
Look closely at your phone bills – Your phone bill might fluctuate from
month to month depending on overages and fees. This is common. However, you
should be paying attention to each charge that shows up on your bill, you
could find a fraudulent one from a scam like this. If you do see a
suspicious charge, call your mobile provider to verify it. If it’s
fraudulent, you can dispute it.
Check your bank accounts – It’s a good practice to check your bank accounts
frequently already. If you see any suspicious charges, report them to your
bank immediately.
list end

Caution is always the best action, especially in today’s world!
(Contributer, Alan)

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