Blind interviewees and sighted interviewers

Blind interviewees and sighted interviewers
By Donna J. Jodhan

Whenever I am asked the question as to whether or not a blind interviewee
should disclose their vision impairment to a sighted interviewer, my
response is almost always a resounding yes. My belief is that one should
always try to limit the surprise of unexpectedness and to ensure that the
playing field is as level as possible.

For some sighted interviewers it may not matter but for many it is often a
matter of discomfort if the interviewee does not disclose their vision
impairment before hand. Many blind interviewees may argue that why should
they have to disclose this before entering an interview and of course, they
are definitely entitled to their opinion but I humbly submit that it often
helps if the margin for unexpectedness is kept to a minimum.

On the flip side of the coin, there are some sighted interviewers who may
argue that if they are prepared before hand, they are better able to conduct
an interview. There are always two sides to every argument and more than
this but these are just my thoughts for today.

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